Peace Child Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Don Richardson
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Author's Introduction

• The author introduces himself as a Christian missionary who traveled to the Netherlands of New Guinea.

• This is a very protected jungle area and the tribes who live here have had very little contact with the outside world.

• They are known to be cannibals and very violent people.
• The Sawi people live in a harsh world where betrayal, revenge and violence are celebrated.

• Richardson introduces the book by assuring the reader that eventually, through the teaching of Christianity, the people learn to live in a more loving, peaceful way.

• There are many obstacles but Richardson and his family are dedicated to the vision of peace and harmony in the Sawi land.

Chapter 1, Ambassador to Haenam

• The book opens by sharing the world of the Sawi before Richardson's work with them.

• Yae is a man from the village of Mauro. He wants to make peace with the...

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