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Sara Pennypacker
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Short Answer Questions

1. If Peter takes a bus in Chapter 22, how many miles will he have to walk to look for Pax?

2. How far is Peter's home from the old mill?

3. In Chapter 19, how long has Pax run hard?

4. What types of flowers are near the spot where Pax, Runt, and Bristle play in Chapter 29?

5. What direction does Pax run after Gray dies?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Peter feeling and why at the beginning of Chapter 16?

2. How does Pax describe tears?

3. What is Pax thinking about the meals he has had in Chapter 23?

4. What does Peter see when he emerges from the woods in Chapter 28?

5. Why does a soldier let Peter into the evacuated area?

6. What wakes Pax in Chapter 27?

7. What are the three conditions that Peter asked Vola to follow in return for him waiting until morning to leave?

8. How does Bristle teach Pax to hunt?

9. What does Peter remember in Chapter 20 that Pax did that might have saved his life?

10. What is good about the location where Pax, Bristle, and Runt are staying in Chapter 25?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Gray is kind to Pax. What does Gray teach Pax? What type of relationship do they have? How does their relationship change as they travel together, and how does it affect Pax and the way he is maturing?

Essay Topic 2

The relationship between Pax and Bristle changes in the novel. What is their relationship like when they first meet? How does their relationship change? Why does it change?

Essay Topic 3

Vola is angered by humans who start wars, but do not tell the truth about the effects war has on people and on land. What experiences has Vola had in war? What effects has she had to endure because of war? How have those experiences shaped the way she describes war and its effects to Peter? What does Peter learn about war? How does he come to view war and how does that affect the choices he makes?

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