Pax Short Essay - Answer Key

Sara Pennypacker
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1. How does the fox sense that the car is slowing in Chapter 1?

The fox feels the car slow. Through the pads of his paws, along his spine, and in the sensitive whiskers at his wrists, he can sense the vibrations and feel that they are slowing down.

2. Why does Peter have to leave Pax at the beginning of the novel?

Peter has to leave Pax because his father is going to work for the war effort. Peter is going to live with his grandfather, and Peter's father does not think that Pax can live there too.

3. How had Peter handled fracturing his thumb?

When Peter fractured his thumb bare-handing a pop fly, he did not cry. He just cursed through the pain. It had hurt a lot, but he sat with the coach and waited for x-rays and did not cry.

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