Daily Lessons for Teaching Pax

Sara Pennypacker
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-3)


Sara Pennypacker is the author of Pax. The aim of this lesson is to examine the author’s life and writing.


Class Discussion: How did Pennypacker make the change from watercolor painter to writer? What role did research play in the writing of Pax? What writing process did Pennypacker use when writing Pax? How did she decide what point of view to use? How did she make sure the details about the fox were correct in her book? Who are her favorite characters in her books? How does she create her characters? Why does Pennypacker like to write? What does she find challenging about writing? In what way does she need to learn to write again when she begins writing a new book? Where does she get her ideas? How long does it take her to write a book? Why does she write for children...

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