Pax Fun Activities

Sara Pennypacker
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Peter and Pax

Draw a sketch of Peter and Pax.

Map It

Use a blackline map to show Peter's travels.

Sara Pennypacker

Write ten questions that you would ask the author if you could interview her.

Books by Sara Pennypacker

Read another book written by Pennypacker and contrast it against Pax.


Create a marionette similar to the ones that Vola made.

Soap Carving

Use a dull knife to carve something, like a fox, out of a bar of soap.


With a group put on a play of the story of Sinbad. Use puppets if desired.

Groups of Animals

The author of Pax refers to collections of animals and birds using terms that denote the type of group it is. Other than common terms like herds or flocks, what terms are used to refer to a group of crows, a group of foxes, and other groups of...

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