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Sara Pennypacker
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Essay Topic 1

The story is told from Peter and from Pax’s points of view. Analyze the impact of the author’s choice to tell the story from those two viewpoints. How does the use of two viewpoints affect how the story can be told? How does the use of multiple viewpoints affect the plot?

Essay Topic 2

\How does the author use cliffhangers to create suspense? What other literary techniques does the author use to create suspense? How does the use of suspense affect the plot?

Essay Topic 3

Pax is not welcomed by some of the wild foxes. How do the wild foxes treat Pax? Why do they treat him the way they do? How does Pax gain acceptance by the wild foxes?

Essay Topic 4

Gray is kind to Pax. What does Gray teach Pax? What type of relationship do they have? How does their relationship change as...

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