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Short Answer Questions

1. What position had Allende's father held in Peru?

2. Allende states that the only certainty of her life was _____________________.

3. Allende tells Paula that Paula was Tata's _______________________.

4. Who falls in love with Allende's mother after the scandals?

5. Where was Allende's home at the time?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the courtship between Allende and her first husband, Michael.

2. How does Allende describe her time in Caracas?

3. What are Ernesto's perceptions of Paula at this point in time?

4. Describe Tio Ramon's infatuation with Paula.

5. What does Allende recall about the political unrest in Lebanon where the family was living in the late 1950s?

6. What is Allende's daily routine in the hospital as she sits with Paula?

7. What does Allende reveal about her love for nature and how she first came to realize it?

8. What is Paula's initial diagnosis and how does Allende feel when she realizes the nature of her daughter's illness?

9. How does Allende's distress about Paula exhibit in dreams?

10. What was the result of Allende's affair?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Allende lived a life of relative privilege and experiences as part of a diplomatic family. How did her experiences influence her as a person? How did the experiences influence her writing? Can you cite any examples?

Essay Topic 2

As a young girl, Allende loved to escape her world through reading and telling stories and this becomes an important theme throughout the book. Name at least two other themes in the journal entries and cite two examples for each to support your answers.

Essay Topic 3

Explain the irony of Allende's mother leaving her first husband because of scandal yet never marrying Tio Ramon with whom she lived as husband and wife. Why did she make these decisions and why is it a situation of irony? Can you cite any other examples of irony in Allende's story?

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