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Short Answer Questions

1. Who falls in love with Allende's mother after the scandals?

2. In what city do Allende, her mother and brothers live with Tio Ramon while he works at the Chilean embassy?

3. Who is Willie?

4. What does Pablo give to Allende to help her read?

5. Why did Allende feel guilty about Paula's disease?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Paula's condition at this point in time?

2. How did Allende use art as a form of expression as a young girl?

3. What happens to Allende's family after the death of Meme?

4. Why did Allende and her family have such a difficult time adapting to life in Caracas?

5. What was Allende's job during the early days of her first marriage?

6. What does Allende reveal about her love for nature and how she first came to realize it?

7. What is Allende's wish for Paula now and what does Allende say she tries to do to make it happen?

8. Describe Allende's grandmother, Meme's special gifts.

9. Why does Allende decide to write this book?

10. How does Allende's opinion of Tio Ramon change over the years?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the nature of this book and why the author created it the way she did. Why did she choose to create a collection of diary entries to tell her story? Is it effective? How is it different from reading a regular novel? How is it the same?

Essay Topic 2

What do you think are the three main joys in Allende's life? Cite examples to support your answers. Explain how Allende grows from these experiences.

Essay Topic 3

As a young girl, Allende loved to escape her world through reading and telling stories and this becomes an important theme throughout the book. Name at least two other themes in the journal entries and cite two examples for each to support your answers.

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