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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Allende do after Paula has been in the hospital for 100 days?
(a) Pulls life support systems
(b) Moves to Madrid
(c) Sends her mother back to Chile
(d) Goes back to San Francisco

2. What was Pablo's passion?
(a) Sculpting
(b) Cooking
(c) Meditating
(d) Reading

3. Who is Ernesto?
(a) Paula's husband
(b) Paula's son
(c) Paula's stepson
(d) Allende's husband

4. What did Paula do prior to her illness?
(a) Volunteered as a school psychologist
(b) Volunteered at the art institute
(c) Taught art history at a university
(d) Taught music theory

5. What disease was Paula diagnosed with?
(a) Diabetes
(b) Porphyria
(c) Epilepsy
(d) Cancer

6. How many years are Paula and Ernesto married when Paula gets sick?
(a) Almost five
(b) Not quite one
(c) Nearly two
(d) Just past seven

7. Who is Willie?
(a) Allende's accountant
(b) Allende's husband
(c) Allende's driver
(d) Allende's editor

8. Where is Paula located when Allende visits her?
(a) A hospital in Spain
(b) A movie studio in Los Angeles
(c) A flat in London
(d) An apartment in Paris

9. Why did Allende feel guilty about Paula's disease?
(a) For not noticing it earlier
(b) For ignoring Paula's pleas for help
(c) For passing on the tendency to get it
(d) For making fun of her symptoms

10. About whom does Allende have a frightening dream?
(a) Paula
(b) William
(c) Meme
(d) Ernesto

11. What had Allende recently completed?
(a) A new novel
(b) Knitting a sweater
(c) A trip around the world
(d) A cooking course

12. Which of the following does Ernesto not do during Paula's illness?
(a) Makes tape recorded messages
(b) Brings flowers
(c) Leaves items under her pillow
(d) Visits every day

13. How old is Allende when she returns to Tata's house from Lebanon?
(a) 10
(b) 15
(c) 18
(d) 21

14. Where would Tata take Allende and her brothers sometimes?
(a) Tractor pulls
(b) Wrestling matches
(c) The circus
(d) County fair

15. Allende bases a character in which of her books on her grandmother?
(a) Zorro
(b) Daughter of Fortune
(c) The House of Spirits
(d) The Infinite Plan

Short Answer Questions

1. What nationality was Michael?

2. What was Meme's special gift?

3. Allende wished that she was _________________.

4. Which one of Allende's brothers was a great scholar?

5. What did Allende's mother do to make some extra money?

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