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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many years are Paula and Ernesto married when Paula gets sick?
(a) Almost five
(b) Just past seven
(c) Nearly two
(d) Not quite one

2. Where does Ernesto's father return to?
(a) Bogota
(b) The Amazon
(c) Paris
(d) Africa

3. To what city do Allende, her mother and brothers follow Tio Ramon when he is transferred?
(a) Berlin
(b) Boston
(c) Beirut
(d) Bogota

4. Who is Willie?
(a) Allende's driver
(b) Allende's husband
(c) Allende's editor
(d) Allende's accountant

5. Allende believes she has received a premonition about _____________________.
(a) Her mother's marriage
(b) Paula's death
(c) Her next book
(d) Tata's death

6. Who is Tomas?
(a) Allende's brother
(b) Allende's son
(c) Allende's grandfather
(d) Allende's father

7. Which one of Allende's brothers ran away as a teenager and never returned?
(a) Eduardo
(b) Pancho
(c) Tata
(d) Ernesto

8. Where did Allende learn to speak English?
(a) From her mother
(b) A school for British girls
(c) From Tio Ramon
(d) Listening to the radio

9. Where does Allende work in her first job after graduating high school?
(a) A dress shop
(b) The United Nations
(c) The Smithsonian
(d) The CIA

10. Why was Allende expelled from school?
(a) Starting fights
(b) Rebellion against conformity
(c) Swearing
(d) Stealing

11. What had Allende recently completed?
(a) Knitting a sweater
(b) A cooking course
(c) A new novel
(d) A trip around the world

12. Where would Tata take Allende and her brothers sometimes?
(a) County fair
(b) Tractor pulls
(c) Wrestling matches
(d) The circus

13. Allende states that her mother's side of the family was __________________.
(a) Wealthy
(b) Poor
(c) Cruel
(d) Lazy

14. Who is Meme?
(a) Allende's aunt
(b) Allende's poodle
(c) Allende's daughter
(d) Allende's grandmother

15. What were Paula's last words to Allende before slipping into a coma?
(a) Take care of Ernesto
(b) I love you
(c) Pray for me
(d) I'm scared

Short Answer Questions

1. What is important to know about Paula at this time?

2. When does Allende see her father again?

3. What was Allende doing when notified about her daughter?

4. Allende tells Paula that Paula was Tata's _______________________.

5. What gift does Allende remember getting for Christmas one year?

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