Paula Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Isabel Allende - This person is the narrator and protagonist who emerges as strong, imaginative, passionate, and loving but also impulsive, prone to mistakes, and, at times, guilt ridden.

Juan Allende - Plagued with illness from the moment of his birth, this person is the narrator's weak, but likable, youngest brother.

Pancho Allende - This person is the narrator's brother, their parents' second child, and a troublemaker from his teenage years on.

Salvador Allende - This person is the founder of Chile's Socialist Party and the world's first freely elected Marxist president, and is also the uncle of the narrator's father, Tomas.

Tomas Allende - This person is the narrator's estranged father who disappears from her life too early for personal memories.

Ernesto - This man is Paula's husband and an electronics engineer in Madrid.

Fisherman - This person in Allende's story is a part of her...

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