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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What shocks the women during the first lecture in Chapter 12?
(a) The speaker's honesty.
(b) An argument between the speaker and one of the women.
(c) Nudity.
(d) That the speaker tells them about her experiences abroad.

2. How is Temple Curry's house described?
(a) As small and cozy.
(b) Filthy.
(c) Reeking of perfume.
(d) Orderly.

3. Where does Patty Jane see her husband's face in Chapter 11?
(a) On a poster.
(b) Amongst a crowd of people.
(c) On the side of a bus.
(d) On cereal boxes.

4. Why do Harriet's work habits change in Chapter 15?
(a) She feels too sick to go to work.
(b) She wants to spend her time with Reese.
(c) She needs more money.
(d) She begins to drink a great deal.

5. Why is the House of Curl so busy in Chapter 25?
(a) Because of a big wedding.
(b) Because the shop was featured in the newspaper.
(c) Because of a discount offer.
(d) Because of prom night.

6. In what condition does Patty Jane find Harriet upon returning home in Chapter 11?
(a) Unconscious and bleeding.
(b) Inebriated.
(c) Hallucinating.
(d) Sick with the flu.

7. What is Clyde's job at Patty Jane's business?
(a) Accountant.
(b) Salesman.
(c) Manicurist.
(d) Technician.

8. What does Ione send to the people at House of Curl while she is on vacation?
(a) Newspaper clippings.
(b) Postcards.
(c) Photographs.
(d) Souvenir pens.

9. What is Patty Jane unable to understand about Clyde's sculptures?
(a) Why people pay so much for them.
(b) What they mean.
(c) Why he spends so much time on them.
(d) How he makes them.

10. How do Patty Jane and Clyde find themselves rolling in the snow in Chapter 13?
(a) They fall while walking across a field.
(b) They are playing with Nora.
(c) They slide down some icy steps.
(d) The jump behind a snow bank to avoid being seen.

11. What shames Patty Jane in Chapter 12?
(a) Realizing why Thor left her.
(b) Nora calling her a bad mother.
(c) Harriet blaming Patty Jane for her heartache.
(d) Finding out that Ione has been paying her bills.

12. Who does Harriet see on the bus in Chapter 18?
(a) Nora.
(b) Ione.
(c) Reese.
(d) Patty Jane.

13. What does Thor tell Ione about in their native language in Chapter 25?
(a) That he wants to go back to living with Temple.
(b) Patty Jane's financial troubles.
(c) Harriet's illness.
(d) That Patty Jane wants a divorce.

14. How does Ione feel about seeing her son in Chapter 22?
(a) Indifferent.
(b) Thrilled.
(c) Nervous.
(d) Embarassed.

15. How do Harriet's work habits change in Chapter 15?
(a) She only shows up for weekend shifts.
(b) She takes on a second job.
(c) She leaves work minutes after arriving.
(d) She begins to work long hours.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nora wonder about her mother and Clyde in Chapter 17?

2. How does Patty Jane decide on the topic of the lectures she will hold at her business?

3. Who is Merry?

4. What does Harriet find in the hotel room in Chapter 17?

5. What does Patty Jane go to school to become in Chapter 12?

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