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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Patty Jane go to school to become in Chapter 12?
(a) An animal groomer.
(b) A baker.
(c) A hair stylist.
(d) A seamstress.

2. What do Harriet and Nora do as a surprise in Chapter 24?
(a) Do a dance.
(b) Prepare a slideshow.
(c) Play a trumpet duet.
(d) Jump out of a cake.

3. How do Harriet's work habits change in Chapter 15?
(a) She leaves work minutes after arriving.
(b) She only shows up for weekend shifts.
(c) She begins to work long hours.
(d) She takes on a second job.

4. How does Patty Jane decide on the topic of the lectures she will hold at her business?
(a) She lets Nora decide.
(b) By opening an encyclopedia to a random page.
(c) She lets the customers decide the topics.
(d) By seeing what is being talked about in the newspaper.

5. Why is the House of Curl so busy in Chapter 25?
(a) Because of a big wedding.
(b) Because the shop was featured in the newspaper.
(c) Because of a discount offer.
(d) Because of prom night.

6. What shocks the women during the first lecture in Chapter 12?
(a) That the speaker tells them about her experiences abroad.
(b) Nudity.
(c) The speaker's honesty.
(d) An argument between the speaker and one of the women.

7. How does Harriet surprise Reese in Chapter 18?
(a) By showing up at the church.
(b) By showing up for the picnic.
(c) By showing up at the a movie.
(d) By showing up at the AA meeting.

8. What is Clyde's last name?
(a) Caffee.
(b) Cherico.
(c) Chuka.
(d) Cobey.

9. How does Harriet avoid living on the streets in Chapter 16?
(a) By staying in the church.
(b) By staying at a homeless shelter.
(c) By sleeping in a hotel hallway.
(d) By sharing a bed with whatever man offers to buy her drinks.

10. What song does Harriet sing her favorite verse of in Chapter 24?
(a) Over the Rainbow.
(b) Moon River.
(c) What a Wonderful World.
(d) White Christmas.

11. In what condition does Patty Jane find Harriet upon returning home in Chapter 11?
(a) Inebriated.
(b) Unconscious and bleeding.
(c) Hallucinating.
(d) Sick with the flu.

12. What happens to Harriet while riding the bus in Chapter 14?
(a) She has a panic attack.
(b) She thinks she sees Avel.
(c) She gets off at the wrong stop.
(d) She falls and hits her head.

13. Who is Merry?
(a) One of Patty Jane's customers.
(b) Clyde's mother.
(c) Ione's sister-in-law.
(d) Nora's friend.

14. What does Ione find when she returns in Chapter 25?
(a) The house is empty.
(b) The house is quarantined.
(c) The House of Curl is up for sale.
(d) The police are at the house.

15. Where is Ione's gift to Harriet in Chapter 25 from?
(a) New York.
(b) Oregon.
(c) Vermont.
(d) Georgia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Patty Jane turn to for comfort in Chapter 16?

2. What is Clyde's job at Patty Jane's business?

3. Why is Ione concerned about traveling in Chapter 25?

4. Who does Patty Jane think of on Thanksgiving?

5. What does Reese arrange for Harriet in Chapter 19?

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