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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Cayce want Ngemi to take her?

2. Who are the couple in the footage supposed to represent?

3. Where is Ivy getting her information from?

4. What does Parkaboy tell Cayce about where Judy is?

5. Who is Bigend asking to research the identity of the Russian?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Cayce do when a response to her email comes just a short time later?

2. What incident occurs on his shoot that has Damien so upset?

3. Why does Bigend call Cayce to Blue Ant?

4. What does Cayce finally reveal to Parkaboy, and what is his response?

5. How is the value of Curta calculators being established?

6. What concern does Parkaboy communicate to Cayce regarding Judy and Taki?

7. What surprises Cayce about the author of the footage?

8. What does Cayce discover about the email address for the author of the footage?

9. What is the significance of the T-shaped map that the watermarks are coded in?

10. Who are the people represented again and again in Nora's work?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who is the author of the footage? Who contributes to its publications and watermarking styles and format? Why are their identities such a closely guarded secret? Who are they hiding from and why? Who is charged with their guardianship? Why? What prompted the initial segment, and what is the inspiration for the theme of the ongoing segments that have been released?

Essay Topic 2

Where does Cayce run into Dorotea in Russia? What is Dorotea's initial demeanor with Cayce? At this time, who is she supposedly employed by? What does Dorotea do to Cayce when they are sitting in the lounge? What prompts her to do this? In what way does Cayce take her by surprise?

Essay Topic 3

What invasions of privacy does Cayce endure? How many ways is she personally attacked? What weaknesses are used against her and by whom? Who is at the heart of the attacks against Cayce? How does Cayce cope with the ongoing psychological and physical attacks? What items are used against her and why?

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