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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does she discover is on the same flight with them?

2. What does Cayce do on the flight to Tokyo?

3. Who does Cayce have a vivid memory of in bed the next morning?

4. What does Boone reveal that Bigend offered him?

5. Where does Voytek Biroshak take Cayce?

Short Essay Questions

1. What two tasks does Hubertus Bigend hire Cayce for?

2. What has Parkaboy insinuated to Taki on Keiko's behalf to ensure his cooperation with Cayce?

3. Why is Cayce hypersensitive about going back to her room?

4. Where does Boone take Cayce when they are attempting to lose the Italians that are trying to steal her laptop and what does he do to ensure their escape?

5. How does Boone describe himself and what convinces Cayce he is serious?

6. What is the difference between Cayce's disclosure to Parkaboy, and her disclosure to Boone?

7. What is a 'cool hunter'?

8. What does Darryl discover about the map from Taki after Judy leaves for Japan?

9. How does Boone convince Cayce that he is on her side?

10. What kind of help is Cayce hoping to get from Ngemi beyond the introduction to Baranov?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the process of watermarking? What purpose is there for watermarking an item or items? What is the benefit of such a tagging system? Who discovers the watermarks in the beginning? On what segment are they first discovered? What lengths are gone to in order to track the watermark creator down? How is the information obtained?

Essay Topic 2

What happened to Win Pollard? How does being Cayce's father affect how Volkov responded to her curiosity where the footage was concerned? How does he apologize for his apparent overreaction where she is concerned? What information are his men able to confirm that police at home in New York have been unable to?

Essay Topic 3

After spending several occasions just watching the creation of footage in progress, where do Cayce and Peter go next? What is the extend of Cayce's involvement, and how does Peter and their host feel about her apparent enthusiasm for the project. What part of this does Cayce obviously identify with and why? What does being there allow her to work through and why?

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