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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is at Damien's when she gets there?

2. What does Parkaboy believe exists on the footage segments?

3. Who does Bigend want her to meet there?

4. Who does Voytek take Cayce to meet?

5. What does Taki does after leaving Cayce at the cafe?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Bigend's motive for taking Cayce out for a drink before driving her home?

2. In what ways does Cayce take full advantage of Blue Ant's offer to provide her with anything she needs?

3. How does Dorotea assault Cayce?

4. Why is Cayce hypersensitive about going back to her room?

5. Who calls as she is discussing Footage with Parkaboy, and why?

6. What do she and Boone discuss over dinner and how are their plans facilitated?

7. What does Cayce have an insurmountable aversion to?

8. How does Cayce respond when Magda mentions the footage and why?

9. What has Parkaboy insinuated to Taki on Keiko's behalf to ensure his cooperation with Cayce?

10. What mistake do Voytek and his friends make where Cayce is concerned?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What does Bigend want Cayce to do for him after she completes her first contract to evaluate his new logo? Why does he want this so badly? Who facilitates Cayce's travel and hotel? What else is provided by this person? How competent is this help and what extra features are provided? What does Cayce use the items provided for?

Essay Topic 2

Who is the author of the footage? Who contributes to its publications and watermarking styles and format? Why are their identities such a closely guarded secret? Who are they hiding from and why? Who is charged with their guardianship? Why? What prompted the initial segment, and what is the inspiration for the theme of the ongoing segments that have been released?

Essay Topic 3

Where does Cayce run into Dorotea in Russia? What is Dorotea's initial demeanor with Cayce? At this time, who is she supposedly employed by? What does Dorotea do to Cayce when they are sitting in the lounge? What prompts her to do this? In what way does Cayce take her by surprise?

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