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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prompts Boone to call Bigend so that a meeting with Dorotea can be set up?
(a) He sees Cayce's muggers outside Damien's flat.
(b) He sees Dorotea outside Damien's flat.
(c) He finds a link between Dorotea and Cayce's muggers.
(d) He sees Dorotea meeting with Cayce's muggers.

2. What does Parkaboy reveal in an e-mail that Judy has done?
(a) Broken Darryl's heart.
(b) Gone to Japan to see Taki.
(c) Revealed the truth to Taki.
(d) Quit her job.

3. What information does Cayce need from Parkaboy and why?
(a) His date of birth.
(b) His location and telephone number.
(c) His alternate email address.
(d) His real name to arrange for a ticket.

4. What extension follows the Hotmail address Hobbs sends?
(a) .com.
(b) .gov.
(c) .ru.
(d) .ca.

5. What does Darryl do that complicates things?
(a) He shows Taki's messages to Judy (the real 'Keiko').
(b) He threatens Taki, asking him to reveal Mystic members.
(c) He deletes the new jpeg from Taki.
(d) He reveals to Taki that Keiko is not real.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Sigil Technologies?

2. What group used the land site that Barnov's caravan group is on now?

3. Who are the couple in the footage supposed to represent?

4. What does Damien e-mail to tell her they have found?

5. What name is attached to the domain of the email Cayce sends her letter of introduction to?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Cayce taken to the Dream Academy under Volkov's control?

2. How does Boone convince Cayce that he is on her side?

3. What does Cayce write in her email to A.N.Polakov?

4. What incident occurs on his shoot that has Damien so upset?

5. How does Ngemi alter Greenaway's perspective and initial impressions of him?

6. What kind of help is Cayce hoping to get from Ngemi beyond the introduction to Baranov?

7. Who are the people represented again and again in Nora's work?

8. What concern does Parkaboy communicate to Cayce regarding Judy and Taki?

9. What does Cayce learn about the Russian connection and who is involved?

10. What is behind the invitation that Magda gives Cayce for dinner?

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