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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who takes Pamela Mainwaring's place, facilitating travel and other details for Bigend?
(a) Joseph Sylvan.
(b) Jerry Sinclair.
(c) Sandra Johnson.
(d) Sylvie Jeppson.

2. Where is Ivy getting her information from?
(a) Boone.
(b) Dorotea.
(c) Bigend.
(d) Mama Anarchia - another F:F:F poster.

3. What kind of help does Cayce ask Ngemi for after their meeting with Baranov?
(a) Help with the purchase of the Curta calculator.
(b) Help to ensure Baranov is honest with her.
(c) Help to negotiate with Baranov.
(d) Help to arrange financing for the Curta.

4. How does Cayce repay Damien for the use of his flat?
(a) She cleans it for him.
(b) She gives Bigend his name.
(c) She buys a new cube.
(d) She buys food for his cupboards.

5. Who does Peter contact when he arrives at the President Hotel just as three men are taking Cayce away?
(a) Dorotea.
(b) Damien.
(c) Bigend.
(d) Stella.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Sigil Technologies?

2. What group used the land site that Barnov's caravan group is on now?

3. Who is Bigend asking to research the identity of the Russian?

4. What does Damien e-mail to tell her they have found?

5. What is lodged in Nora's brain?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the reason Bigend gives for hiring Dorotea after all she has done to Cayce?

2. What does Cayce finally reveal to Parkaboy, and what is his response?

3. What surprises Cayce about Dorotea's motives for her ongoing sabotage?

4. What is behind the invitation that Magda gives Cayce for dinner?

5. Why does Bigend call Cayce to Blue Ant?

6. What is the significance of the T-shaped map that the watermarks are coded in?

7. Why does Cayce leave the hospital?

8. What incident occurs on his shoot that has Damien so upset?

9. How does Ngemi alter Greenaway's perspective and initial impressions of him?

10. What surprises Cayce about the author of the footage?

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