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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Bigend asking to research the identity of the Russian?
(a) Boone.
(b) Dorotea.
(c) Bernard.
(d) Cayce.

2. Where does Cayce want Ngemi to take her?
(a) To see Magda again.
(b) To see Voytek.
(c) To his hometown.
(d) To visit cryptographer, Baranov.

3. What extension follows the Hotmail address Hobbs sends?
(a) .ca.
(b) .gov.
(c) .ru.
(d) .com.

4. What year was the calculator manufactured in?
(a) 1947.
(b) 1943.
(c) 1951.
(d) 1935.

5. What does Cayce reveal to her mother about the clips her mother sent her that are supposed to have been communication from her father?
(a) That she is excited by them.
(b) That she is energized by them.
(c) That they creep her out.
(d) That they depress her.

6. What does Cayce offer Baranov in return for information?
(a) To give him access to a Platinum Visa for bidding on line.
(b) To go to Lucian Greenaway and buy the ZX-81 he outbid him for.
(c) To pay for his time and effort.
(d) To get him information on ZX-81's available.

7. How does Cayce get over the razor wire fence?
(a) She finds a gate.
(b) She uses her Rickson's jacket.
(c) She discovers a hole in the fence.
(d) She goes under it instead.

8. Who does Cayce see as she is heading into Blue Ant?
(a) Damien.
(b) One of the men who mugged her.
(c) Parkaboy.
(d) Taki.

9. What revelation does Cayce share with Parkaboy regarding the reasons she doesn't want to email him a copy of her communication with the author of the footage?
(a) That someone is monitoring their communication.
(b) That none of what they do on line is actually private.
(c) That she is being followed.
(d) That they might be in danger.

10. What information does Cayce need from Parkaboy and why?
(a) His date of birth.
(b) His alternate email address.
(c) His location and telephone number.
(d) His real name to arrange for a ticket.

11. How many people know that Cayce is on her way to Russia?
(a) Two.
(b) Three.
(c) Four.
(d) Five.

12. How does Boone claim he is getting his information?
(a) By hacking Sigil's files.
(b) By seducing an employee of Sigil.
(c) By bugging Sigil's head office.
(d) By surfing the internet.

13. What does Cayce do after eating and drinking what she was brought?
(a) She showers and waits for someone to come.
(b) Cayce finds her clothes and escapes.
(c) She calls out for someone to come.
(d) She goes looking for a doctor.

14. What does Dorotea do in the lounge?
(a) Threatens Cayce.
(b) Drugs Cayce's drink.
(c) Bribes Cayce.
(d) Slaps Cayce across the face.

15. What does Ngemi advise Cayce to do on Sunday evening?
(a) Try to undercut Greenaway and save some money.
(b) Email Greenaway to announce she is coming for the Curta.
(c) Forget the whole thing.
(d) Go home and get some rest.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Baranov live?

2. What does Cayce ask Voytek to do?

3. Who does Peter contact when he arrives at the President Hotel just as three men are taking Cayce away?

4. Where does Peter e-mail Cayce from?

5. What is an ofshornaya zona?

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