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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the purpose of Dorotea's attacks on Cayce?
(a) To unnerve her so she couldn't do her job.
(b) To get her to leave Blue Ant and London.
(c) To break her spirit.
(d) To ruin her reputation.

2. Where does Baranov live?
(a) Near Portsmouth.
(b) Outside of Bournemouth.
(c) On the Isle of Wight.
(d) Outside of Weymouth.

3. What surprise does Bigend spring on her?
(a) He is sending her back to Japan.
(b) He is giving her a bonus.
(c) He has another contract for her.
(d) He has hired Dorotea.

4. Who is behind Dorotea's actions against Cayce?
(a) Bigend.
(b) An unknown Russian.
(c) Boone.
(d) Her father.

5. What do Magda, Voytek and Ngemi want Cayce to do?
(a) Help them to get to Japan.
(b) Help them approach Bigend for financing.
(c) Help them to sell ZX-81's.
(d) Help them to sell her line of hats.

6. What kind of help does Cayce ask Ngemi for after their meeting with Baranov?
(a) Help to ensure Baranov is honest with her.
(b) Help to arrange financing for the Curta.
(c) Help with the purchase of the Curta calculator.
(d) Help to negotiate with Baranov.

7. How does Cayce repay Damien for the use of his flat?
(a) She cleans it for him.
(b) She buys a new cube.
(c) She gives Bigend his name.
(d) She buys food for his cupboards.

8. What does Cayce reveal to her mother about the clips her mother sent her that are supposed to have been communication from her father?
(a) That they depress her.
(b) That she is energized by them.
(c) That she is excited by them.
(d) That they creep her out.

9. Who calls her after her coffee with Damien in the morning?
(a) Bigend, then Parkaboy.
(b) Boone, then Pamela Mainwaring.
(c) Parkaboy, then Bigend.
(d) Bernard, then Dorotea.

10. What is lodged in Nora's brain?
(a) A glass shard.
(b) A plastic fragment.
(c) A T-shaped piece of a claymore mine.
(d) A bone fragment.

11. What does Cayce sarcastically suggest to Boone?
(a) That another date may glean an entire e-mail address.
(b) That he should seduce Sigil's owner.
(c) That he has no moral center.
(d) That he can sleep his way to the top.

12. After Cayce screams, where does she wake up?
(a) In a basement room.
(b) In a hospital bed.
(c) In her hotel room.
(d) In an airport lounge.

13. Who does Peter contact when he arrives at the President Hotel just as three men are taking Cayce away?
(a) Stella.
(b) Bigend.
(c) Dorotea.
(d) Damien.

14. What does Hobb's email to Cayce say that confuses her?
(a) 'Pick the correct numbers.'
(b) 'Follow the prompts.'
(c) 'Observe the protocol'.
(d) 'Supply any information requested.'

15. Who are the couple in the footage supposed to represent?
(a) The perfect couple.
(b) Nora's future projection.
(c) Stella and her brother.
(d) Nora's parents.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Sigil Technologies?

2. What does Darryl do that complicates things?

3. How does she make sure it is really Parkaboy.

4. Where does Cayce tell Bigend she is going?

5. How many prototypes did Nendeln Liechtenstein keep in his home until 1988?

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