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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is missing in the footage so far?
(a) Audio.
(b) Color.
(c) Style.
(d) Subject matter.

2. How many postings of the footage are there so far?
(a) 155.
(b) 145.
(c) 135.
(d) 165.

3. What does Bigend want Cayce to find?
(a) The author of online postings called the 'footage'.
(b) His unfaithful wife.
(c) His runaway accountant.
(d) His long lost daughter.

4. What does Cayce do on the flight to Tokyo?
(a) Reviews F:F:F database.
(b) Watches a movie.
(c) Talks to Boon.
(d) Naps.

5. What does Cayce give to Taki that brings tears to his eyes?
(a) An autographed photo of Keiko.
(b) A bottle of wine from Keiko.
(c) A note from Keiko.
(d) A scarf from Keiko.

6. What does Cayce's mother send her?
(a) An address that she can reach him at.
(b) His new telephone number.
(c) A photo of her father.
(d) Several partial transcripts they are unable to decipher.

7. What message does Taki send to 'Keiko'?
(a) He agrees to meet Keiko's friend from the US.
(b) He promises to send a gift home for Keiko.
(c) He agrees to contact Keiko when her friend arrives.
(d) He agrees to give Keiko's friend any information he has.

8. What is the first thing she does after discovering the change in Damien's flat?
(a) She makes coffee.
(b) She hits redial on the phone.
(c) She answers her messages.
(d) She makes sure she is alone.

9. Where does Cayce head the next morning?
(a) To Boone's ex-girlfriend's apartment.
(b) To Taki's house.
(c) Back home again.
(d) Back to Damien's flat.

10. What does Cayce's mother tell Cayce about her father?
(a) That he is trying to contact her.
(b) That he is living in Hawaii.
(c) That he has remarried.
(d) That he is alive and well.

11. Who is on the same flight out with Cayce?
(a) Boone.
(b) Bernard.
(c) Taki.
(d) Billy Prion.

12. What does Taki does after leaving Cayce at the cafe?
(a) Has a t-shirt made from the photo Cayce gave him.
(b) Flies to New York.
(c) Posts the photo that Cayce gave him online.
(d) Emails Keiko from two separate cafes.

13. What strong memory does her mother's email evoke?
(a) Hanging her father's photo with the missing at the WTC.
(b) The last time she and her father had dinner.
(c) Her last phone call with her father.
(d) Her father's new business venture.

14. What does Taki do from home?
(a) Sends a jpeg map which has 135 number groupings on it.
(b) Books his flight to meet Keiko in person.
(c) Investigates another footage site.
(d) Contacts Blue Ant and reports in.

15. How long is the number Taki gives Cayce?
(a) Two five digit numbers - 10 numbers in all.
(b) Three four digit numbers - 12 numbers in all.
(c) Six two digit numbers -12 numbers in all.
(d) Four five digit numbers - 20 numbers in all.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cayce tell Bernard about the design?

2. What does Cayce discover when she returns to Damien's flat?

3. What does Cayce see when she turns on the television?

4. What can she see from her hotel room?

5. What does Cayce have an aversion to?

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