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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What else does Cayce require immediately?
(a) A table at an exclusive restaurant.
(b) A vehicle and a driver.
(c) A haircut and a wardrobe to match it.
(d) An invitation to an exclusive opening.

2. Who is at Damien's when she gets there?
(a) Bernard and his wife.
(b) Dorotea and two bodyguards.
(c) Bigend.
(d) Damien, Voytek, Fergal Collings and Marina Chtcheglova.

3. Who invented the Curta calculators?
(a) Curt Ashbury.
(b) Heinz Curta.
(c) Curt Herzstark.
(d) Henry Curta.

4. What does Cayce's mother send her?
(a) His new telephone number.
(b) A photo of her father.
(c) An address that she can reach him at.
(d) Several partial transcripts they are unable to decipher.

5. Where was Cayce at the moment of impact of the WTC?
(a) In Geneva.
(b) In little Italy.
(c) In Paris.
(d) In Soho.

6. Where does Cayce head the next morning?
(a) Back to Damien's flat.
(b) To Boone's ex-girlfriend's apartment.
(c) To Taki's house.
(d) Back home again.

7. What does Cayce discover in her hotel room when she goes back?
(a) Parkaboy.
(b) The two Italians who chased her.
(c) The Rickson's MA-1 jacket she asked for.
(d) A miniature Michelin man.

8. What is Boone and why did Bigend want them to meet?
(a) He is a management specialist who will aid her in organization.
(b) He is a corporate drone who is at her disposal.
(c) Boone is a white hat hacker whose job is to facilitate her ideas.
(d) He is a travel specialist who will help her get anywhere.

9. What does Parkaboy believe exists on the footage segments?
(a) A hidden location.
(b) A secret message.
(c) An email address.
(d) A watermark.

10. What does Cayce find when she returns to Damien's flat?
(a) A box with another Michelin man inside.
(b) Another browser threat.
(c) A message on the phone from Dorotea.
(d) A Michelin man garroted to the knob of the door.

11. What does Dorotea bring to the table in the way of a revised logo, supposedly done by Heinzi in Frankfurt the night before?
(a) An artful display.
(b) A clown theme.
(c) An early version of the Michelin man.
(d) A cave man theme.

12. Who does Bigend want her to meet there?
(a) Dorotea.
(b) Bernard.
(c) Heinzi.
(d) Boone Chu.

13. What message does Taki send to 'Keiko'?
(a) He agrees to contact Keiko when her friend arrives.
(b) He agrees to meet Keiko's friend from the US.
(c) He agrees to give Keiko's friend any information he has.
(d) He promises to send a gift home for Keiko.

14. Who responds to Keiko first?
(a) Helena.
(b) Bernard.
(c) Billy.
(d) Takaycuhi.

15. What does Taki does after leaving Cayce at the cafe?
(a) Flies to New York.
(b) Has a t-shirt made from the photo Cayce gave him.
(c) Emails Keiko from two separate cafes.
(d) Posts the photo that Cayce gave him online.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the phrase Cayce uses to deflect and protect herself from assaults on her psyche?

2. What do the two Italian men try to take when Cayce is leaving?

3. How long is the number Taki gives Cayce?

4. What does Cayce give to Taki that brings tears to his eyes?

5. Where does Bigend want Cayce to come for a job?

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