Pattern Recognition Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is a 'cool hunter'?

A cool hunter is the term given to someone who makes their living by determining ahead of time which products, logos or advertising campaigns are likely to be successful, and which ones will definitely not be effective. They are hired by companies who are hoping to get an advertising edge.

2. What two tasks does Hubertus Bigend hire Cayce for?

The two tasks that Hubertus Bigend hires Cayce for are first to evaluate the newest logo for Blue Ant, created by Dorotea Benedetti from the graphics design company Heinzi & Plaff, and secondly, to find out who is the author of the segments posted on line called simply the 'footage'.

3. What does Cayce have an insurmountable aversion to?

Cayce has an insurmountable aversion to anything that might be considered to be a recognizable style or brand, and is so sensitive to any such products that they bring on seizures, nausea, and attacks on her psyche that render her incapable of functioning at all.

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