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FFF - The site that Cayce regularly enters and posts to, largely regarding the 'footage'.

Blue Ant - The firm located in Soho that pays for Cayce's ticket to advise them on a new marketing endeavor.

CPU's - The name Damien gives to the type of clothing that Cayce wears which is as trademark free as is possible.

ZX 81 - A machine of importance historically to personal computing that required the user to learn programming to operate it.

Lombard - An acronym for a man with lots of money but who is a real jerk.

Pattern Recognition - The spinning of the given moment's scenarios.

Watermarks - A distinctive method of marking footage and discovered on the footage for which Cayce and Boone are hired to track down the author of.

Sigil Technologies - A watermarking company that offers a distinctive style and has a high end...

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