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Mirror World

Create your own mirror world. What would be opposite? Where would it be? Describe what life would be like there.

Cool Hunter

Describe the next 'cool'. What new product do you believe will skyrocket to the top in popularity and why.

Spy vs Spy

You are tasked with getting the recipe for Coca-Cola. How would you do it?

Advertising Genius!

Create a winning logo for a well known product.

Join the F:F:F

Create an online persona and write a post about the footage and its originality and uniqueness.

You're a Witness.

Prepare a police report on Cayce's behalf for the break in and intimidation that happens at Damien's apartment. Include all issues noticed and supposition as to the perpetrator.

You're An Artist

Design a new footage offering. Detail the scene as you see it, in keeping with the ongoing theme.

Design a Watermark


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