Pattern Recognition Character Descriptions

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Cayce Pollard - This self described 'coolhunter' is like a dowser in the global marketing world who could be described as being allergic to fashion.

Hubertus Bigend - This is a Belgian who is the founder of Blue Ant.

Peter Gilbert (Parkaboy) - This F:F:F follower lives in Chicago and is one of about twenty regulars to the site.

Dorotea Benedetti (Mama Anarchia) - This is a fairly highly placed person in the graphics design world and partnership of Heinzi & Plaff and was hired to terrorize Cayce.

Win Pollard - This person is one of the missing since September 11, 2001, when he got into a cab in New York City from the Mayflower.

Hobbs Baranov - This is a man who took his mother's maiden name from birth as a first name with an effort to eliminate the hyphenated last name that occurred as a result...

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