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Chapters 1 - 3

• Cayce Pollard makes her living by helping companies recognize cool when they see it

• She has the ability to determine which logos, advertising and products will be effective

• Hubertus Bigend asks her to come to London to evaluate the new logo for his company

• Cayce accepts the contract, although to her, London is a mirror world

• Cayce is also asked to determine who the author of the 'footage' on line is

• With 135 postings to date, the footage contains emotion, hope and desire without audio

• It is also without discernible landmarks, features or trademarks that could identify them
• Cayce is in a Harvey Nichols store when a Tommy Hilfinger display rattles her

• Cayce has an aversion to all and any labeling, branding and style that is recognizable

• Cayce is a follower of the 'footage' as are many other who admire the timelessness and class

• She spends a...

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