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Michael Holley
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Scott Pioli refer to as ambulance chasers?
(a) Free agents.
(b) Bill Belichick.
(c) Football coaches.
(d) Lawyers.

2. To what team is Drew Bledsoe traded at the end of the 2001 season?
(a) The Philadelphia Eagles.
(b) The Buffalo Bills.
(c) The Detriot Lions.
(d) The Dallas Cowboys.

3. Belichick allows his vision of his team to be _______.
(a) Questioned.
(b) Ignored.
(c) Followed.
(d) Refused.

4. What position does Belichick play in 1971 at Andover Wesleyan?
(a) Defensive lineman.
(b) Quarterback.
(c) Center.
(d) Tight end.

5. When Belichick looked for new players, he looked for talent and __________.
(a) Low salary.
(b) High expectations.
(c) Leadership.
(d) Proven performance.

Short Answer Questions

1. What position does Scott Pioli hold with the team?

2. Belichick stresses what aspect of the Patriots going into Super Bowl XXXVI?

3. Belichick gives his quarterbacks a __-page test to analyze their reasoning.

4. For what price are the Patriots bought in 1994?

5. What type of information does the author receive about the Patriots?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what Belichick considers to be his policy of "supreme professionalism."

2. Describe the environment during the live draft.

3. When the Patriots play the Cowboys in November, 2003, how long has it been since Belichick has been face-to-face with Bill Parcells? How does their meeting play out?

4. How many new players do the Patriots have in 2002, and how do these new players work out?

5. How does the author interact with the team during meetings?

6. Describe Belichick's attitude about feedback from his staff, and how he has developed this attitude.

7. What traits must a scout possess? What do they discuss when choosing a player?

8. About what do Kraft and Parcells disagree, resulting in Parcells' leaving the Patriots?

9. Describe the conversation between Tom Brady and Damon Huard the night before Super Bowl XXXVIII.

10. Describe the come-from-behind victory against the Denver Broncos in November, 2003.

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