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Michael Holley
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bledsoe is not as important to the team's success as ________ thinks.
(a) Bill Parcells.
(b) Dick Rehbein.
(c) The media.
(d) Bill Belichick.

2. Which of the following player characteristics do Belichick and his staff not discuss following the 2002 season?
(a) Perceived future abilities.
(b) Performance.
(c) Flexibility.
(d) Attitude.

3. At what record do the Patriots begin to get what Holley terms "last year nostalgia?"
(a) 1-3.
(b) 5-5.
(c) 2-5.
(d) 4-1.

4. A __________ candidate must be able to be quantified using a uniform grading system.
(a) Scouting.
(b) Patriot.
(c) Coaching.
(d) Panther.

5. The author describes the 2002 Patriots as ___________.
(a) Frustrating.
(b) Experienced.
(c) Talented.
(d) Coachable.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which sports use The Combine to select players?

2. Why is Steve Martin fired by the Patriots?

3. What is Robert Kraft's role?

4. What position does Scott Pioli hold with the team?

5. What team does Mike Martz coach?

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