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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the surname of the head of the CIA?
(a) Bert.
(b) Greer.
(c) Gregory.
(d) Andersen.

2. Officers from which law enforcement agency visit Ryan in the hospital?
(a) MI6.
(b) Special Branch.
(c) Queen's Guard.
(d) Scotland Yard.

3. To what type of drug was Ryan formerly addicted?
(a) Attarax.
(b) Darvocet.
(c) Keflex.
(d) Morphine.

4. Which group was responsible for the attack?
(a) PLA.
(b) IRA.
(c) ULA.
(d) ERA.

5. Where is Ryan shot the first time?
(a) Neck.
(b) Stomach.
(c) Leg.
(d) Arm.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is not at the Ryan's house on Christmas?

2. Which has been unrelenting in the criticism of the Prince?

3. What type of boat was used by Miller and the others during the escape?

4. What was the name of the operation Ryan participated in for the CIA?

5. Who discovers that the list of suspects has to be very short considering obvious inside information?

Short Essay Questions

1. What tactic was used to try and thwart a terrorist attack during Miller's transfer? Where was Miller being taken?

2. What does Breckenridge arrange after the man is apprehended at the gatehouse? Who is the strange man? What is the man's history?

3. What is Miller's issue about working with Alex on the plan to get revenge on Ryan?

4. Discuss the scene in which Robby takes the terrorists inside the house by surprise.

5. Alex surmises that his gun has been recovered from the quarry. What is Alex's reaction to the news? What is Alex's final determination?

6. What prompts Ryan to attend a lecture at Georgetown? What occurs while he is at the university?

7. Who finds Alex's gun? What type of gun is it? Where is it found?

8. Ryan is warned not to give out any sensitive information to which person? What is Ryan's opinion of the person? What does the person think of Ryan?

9. What is being tracked at the terrorist training camp? What is the purpose of the tracking system?

10. Ryan does not lie about his connection to the CIA but omits some details. What is Ryan's connection to the CIA? What does Ryan tell the press?

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