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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which law enforcement agent gives into a suspicious hunch and visits the bookshop?
(a) Jacobs.
(b) Warren.
(c) Ashley.
(d) Owens.

2. Who pays a visit to Dennis Cooley's bookshop?
(a) Watkins.
(b) Queen.
(c) Ryan.
(d) Murray.

3. What is the name of Cathy's father?
(a) Muller.
(b) English.
(c) Stark.
(d) Pedroza.

4. What is Alex's known alias?
(a) Winston Tuppence.
(b) Dennis Winchester.
(c) Constantine Duppens.
(d) Scott Harrison.

5. Who is scheduled to lead the raid on the ULA training camp?
(a) Brits.
(b) French.
(c) Germans.
(d) US.

6. What is the only effective way to rid the world of terrorists?
(a) Work with other terrorists.
(b) Complete annihilation.
(c) International cooperation.
(d) There is no way.

7. Who discourages Ryan from shooting Miller?
(a) Owens.
(b) Breckenridge.
(c) Jackson.
(d) Prince.

8. Which member of the FBI team is called in immediately?
(a) Owens.
(b) James.
(c) Tyler.
(d) Shaw.

9. Cathy's father works for which major US company?
(a) IBM.
(b) Merrill Lynch.
(c) AIG.
(d) Ford.

10. Who takes charge of the boat racing toward the Naval Academy?
(a) Princess.
(b) Ryan.
(c) Robby.
(d) Prince.

11. In what year was Dennis Cooley's bookshop built?
(a) 1872.
(b) 1931.
(c) 1899.
(d) 1919.

12. Ryan learns that the processes in the CIA move:
(a) In a circuitous way.
(b) Very slowly.
(c) Awkwardly.
(d) Quickly.

13. What type of fire erupts in Cooley's store?
(a) Unknown.
(b) Chemical.
(c) Gas.
(d) Electrical.

14. The Ryans' home is in the midst of being outfitted with which of the following?
(a) Pet doors.
(b) Satellite TV.
(c) Intercoms.
(d) Security detail.

15. Ryan finds that he is living with an extraordinary amount of ____ in his life.
(a) Adrenaline.
(b) Anger.
(c) Paranoia.
(d) Fear.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following appears in the satellite photos?

2. What is the name of the man apprehended at the gatehouse?

3. What is the name of Cooley's assistant?

4. One of Ryan's discoveries will put the US in favor with which other country?

5. What is the name of Cathy's doctor?

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