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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who discourages Ryan from shooting Miller?
(a) Owens.
(b) Jackson.
(c) Prince.
(d) Breckenridge.

2. What natural occurrence delays the raid?
(a) Wind.
(b) Sandstorm.
(c) Lightning.
(d) Rain.

3. Ryan finds that he is living with an extraordinary amount of ____ in his life.
(a) Anger.
(b) Paranoia.
(c) Adrenaline.
(d) Fear.

4. What type of gun was used in the attack on Cathy's car?
(a) Uzi.
(b) Winchester 360.
(c) AK-47.
(d) Colt .45.

5. What is the name of Breckenridge's boss?
(a) Donnelly.
(b) Michaels.
(c) Peters.
(d) Owens.

6. Which FBI agent has been assigned to the spokesman while he is in the US?
(a) Collier.
(b) Jacobs.
(c) Ralph.
(d) Donoho.

7. Who pays a visit to Dennis Cooley's bookshop?
(a) Queen.
(b) Murray.
(c) Ryan.
(d) Watkins.

8. Which of the following is not on the dinner menu at the Ryans' house?
(a) Potatoes.
(b) Jello salad.
(c) Corn on the cob.
(d) Steak.

9. How many children do the Ryan's currently have?
(a) 3.
(b) 1.
(c) 2.
(d) 0.

10. What is the name of the Soviet Embassy secretary that approaches Ryan after the lecture?
(a) Paseka.
(b) Prokiev.
(c) Platanov.
(d) Pashmina.

11. Ryan attends a political affairs conference at which well known university?
(a) New York University.
(b) Harvard University.
(c) Washington University.
(d) Georgetown University.

12. Jackson monopolizes the Prince's time by talking about which subject?
(a) Fox hunting.
(b) Racing.
(c) Flying.
(d) Polo.

13. What is the name of Cooley's assistant?
(a) Beatrix.
(b) Molly.
(c) Abigail.
(d) Prudence.

14. Whose plan has just come to fruition?
(a) PIRA.
(b) FBI.
(c) ULA.
(d) CIA.

15. What is the name of the man apprehended at the gatehouse?
(a) Clark.
(b) Weatherly.
(c) Binder.
(d) Kimball.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the man that found Alex's discarded gun?

2. What is the only effective way to rid the world of terrorists?

3. What is the name of Robby's wife?

4. How many men did Watkins lose in Northern Ireland?

5. Which boat is pointed out as the terrorists' most likely means of escape?

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