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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the position of the person Ryan tends to avoid?
(a) Liaison Officer.
(b) Secretary of Defense.
(c) Chief of Staff.
(d) Press Secretary.

2. Who/what invades Ryan's hospital room?
(a) Immigration.
(b) Royal family.
(c) Special Branch chiefs.
(d) Press.

3. What is the name of the person that runs the store?
(a) Kendall.
(b) Flanagan.
(c) Cooley.
(d) O'Malley.

4. It is believed that O'Donnell will not be found because of which of the following?
(a) Multiple identities.
(b) Lack of accent.
(c) Plastic surgery.
(d) Elusiveness.

5. Ryan is told not to reveal any sensitive information to which person?
(a) Bertram.
(b) Warren.
(c) Andrews.
(d) Watkins.

6. What is the name of the FBI representative that visits Ryan?
(a) Murray.
(b) Rondell.
(c) Roarke.
(d) Murphy.

7. Which word is used to describe Ryan's manner?
(a) Rude.
(b) Confrontational.
(c) Sympathetic.
(d) Gentle.

8. What is the name of the restaurant where the men meet?
(a) Paddy's.
(b) Murphy's.
(c) O'Malley's.
(d) Flanagan's.

9. What is the surname of the friends that pick up the Ryans at the airport?
(a) Tyler.
(b) Taylor.
(c) Tringali.
(d) Turner.

10. Who discovers that the list of suspects has to be very short considering obvious inside information?
(a) Ashley.
(b) Whitford.
(c) Owens.
(d) Tyler.

11. The reader is given insight into the mind of which of the following?
(a) O'Donnell.
(b) Royal Guard.
(c) Terrorist.
(d) Murphy.

12. Who is set to arrive in the US the following day?
(a) O'Malley.
(b) Roarke.
(c) Owens.
(d) Fein.

13. Ryan is released from the hospital and is met by which important person?
(a) Duke.
(b) Admiral.
(c) Regent.
(d) Prince.

14. Where does the unsuccessful attacker go after the scene at the Mall?
(a) Balmoral.
(b) Ireland.
(c) Scotland.
(d) Salisbury.

15. What sport did Ryan play in younger days?
(a) Soccer.
(b) Field hockey.
(c) Football.
(d) Track.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the person's role in the PIRA?

2. Ryan suspects that O'Donnell is gaining information on the PIRA through the use of which of the following:

3. Jack Ryan is dismayed when he is not longer able to remain _____.

4. The people Ryan saved, the Prince and Princess of Wales, were in which type of car when attacked?

5. What is the first name of the protagonist Ryan?

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