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Object Descriptions

London - This is where Jack Ryan foils the ULA's plan to kill the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and their young son.

The Mall - This location is the area near Buckingham Palace in London where the attack takes place.

Kalashnikov - This item is the machine gun used in the attack.

ULA - This acronym stands for the Maoist offshoot of Provos.

Bullet Proof Glass - This object is a polycarbonate that deteriorates after a year in direct sunlight.

PIRA - This entity is also know as Provos.

Pain Medication - This item is necessary to dull pain enough to allow healing.

Flanagan's Steakhouse - This place in Dublin, Ireland, is the meeting place between PIRA members and David Ashley, Security Service executive.

Sinn Fein - This is the political figurehead of the PIRA, with an elected representative who has been granted a seat in...

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