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Watch a movie on King Arthur

Just for fun, watch one of the many movies relating to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Create a Secret Code

Develop your own secret code. Create one that is difficult to decipher and share with the class or family and friends. Do you think anyone can break your code?

Develop a Spy Personality

Develop a spy personality and draw a picture of the would-be spy. Write a dossier of the spy's skills, characteristics, and experiences.

Go to a Shooting Competition

Go to a local shooting competition to better understand Breckenridge's skills.

Read More Tom Clancy

Just for fun, read another Tom Clancy book featuring Jack Ryan.

Create a Trivia Game

Create a trivia game based on the people and places mentioned in the book. Be creative to make it extra challenging!

Watch the Movie

Watch the movie "Patriot...

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