Patriot Games Character Descriptions

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Jack Ryan - This character is the protagonist of Patriot Games. He's a former Marine, and current instructor of history at the American Naval Academy.

Cathy Ryan - This character is one of the best ophthalmologic surgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

Sally Ryan - This character is Jack Ryan's four-year-old daughter who is injured in a terrorist attack and nearly dies.

Anthony Wilson - This character is part of the C-13 Anti-Terrorist Branch in London, assigned to guard Ryan in the hospital.

John Michael McCrory - This character is the ULA man Ryan kills in London.

Prince of Wales - This character is only referred to as His Royal Highness.

Princess of Wales - This character is only referred to as Her Royal Highness.

Charlie Winston - This character is the Royal family's security escort.

Sir Charles Scott - This character is the...

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