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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Irene bring up Junior's problems?
(a) She wants Brian to pay more attention to Junior.
(b) She wants Brian to complain to the school.
(c) She wants Brian to talk to Junior.
(d) She wants Brian to take Junior away.

2. What has Junior been hearing at school?
(a) Unfortunate things.
(b) Bad news.
(c) Friendly words.
(d) Gossip.

3. What do Brian and Irene discuss as they eat breakfast?
(a) His job.
(b) Clare's letter.
(c) His family.
(d) Her job.

4. Whom does Irene try to ignore?
(a) The waiter.
(b) The handsome man.
(c) The host.
(d) The beautiful blond woman.

5. Where does Irene promise to meet Clare at the next Tuesday?
(a) At her office.
(b) At her hotel.
(c) At her mother's house.
(d) At her apartment.

Short Answer Questions

1. What relative of Clare's was visited by Irene's father?

2. How many black people has John Bellew met?

3. How does Irene plan to get back from the printers?

4. With whom does Irene leave?

5. What would upset John?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Irene's plans about meeting Clare? How does she wind up meeting her?

2. What are John Bellew's real feelings about black people?

3. How do Irene and Gertrude feel after they leave the meeting with Clare and John?

4. How was Clare secretive when she ran into Irene?

5. How does Irene react to John Bellew's cruel words?

6. When did Clare disappear from the Chicago neighborhood where she and Irene lived?

7. What do Brian and Irene discuss while they eat breakfast?

8. What do Irene and Brian discuss on the way to the printer's business?

9. What are Irene Redfield's recollections as she reads the letter from Clare Kendry?

10. How does Brian and Irene's trip to the printer's business turn out? Who leaves mad?

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