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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does she shield the truth from Wentworth?
(a) She makes an excuse.
(b) She leaves the room.
(c) She refuses to discuss it.
(d) She ignores him.

2. How was Irene delusional about her marriage before Clare came on the scene?
(a) Brian was happy and content.
(b) She had no troubles.
(c) Brian was in love with her.
(d) Her marriage was perfect.

3. What is Clare's mood when she visits Irene?
(a) Pleasant.
(b) Depressed.
(c) Angry.
(d) Happy.

4. What does Irene decide to do about Clare's letter?
(a) Not to answer it.
(b) Call her instead.
(c) Answer it right away.
(d) Wait a while and answer later.

5. Irene is shopping with what black friend?
(a) Gertrude.
(b) Gladys.
(c) Mrs. Felise Freeland.
(d) Wentworth.

6. Why is Clare angry with Irene?
(a) For ignoring her.
(b) For not responding soon enough.
(c) For criticizing her husband.
(d) For her angry words in her response.

7. How does Irene feel about Clare's frequent visits?
(a) Pushed out.
(b) Satisfied.
(c) Worried.
(d) Stressed.

8. At whom does Wentworth stare disapprovingly?
(a) Brian and Clare.
(b) Irene.
(c) Brian.
(d) Clare.

9. Who offers to take Clare home?
(a) A handsome stranger.
(b) Brian.
(c) John.
(d) Wentworth.

10. Whom does Brian talk to at the party?
(a) Wentworth.
(b) Mrs. Freeland.
(c) Clare.
(d) Irene.

11. How does Clare convince Irene to invite her to the dance?
(a) She cries.
(b) She charms her.
(c) She pouts.
(d) She threatens her.

12. What secret does Irene think of telling John Bellew?
(a) Clare is having an affair.
(b) Clare is a criminal.
(c) Clare is promiscuous.
(d) Clare is part black.

13. What word best describes Irene's feelings about Clare?
(a) Anger.
(b) Hate.
(c) Jealousy.
(d) Envy.

14. Why does Clare stay with John?
(a) John allows her to have lovers.
(b) Clare would lose everything if she divorced.
(c) Clare's daughter.
(d) Clare loves him.

15. Why did Brian invite Clare to the party?
(a) He wanted to make Irene jealous.
(b) She was upset that Irene didn't invite her.
(c) He wanted to see her again.
(d) He wants Irene and Clare to make up.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Irene drop?

2. What is Hugh Wentworth famous for?

3. What will Irene never know about Clare and Brian?

4. With whom does Clare dance?

5. What kind of party is Irene having in the afternoon?

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