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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the woman who comes to Claire's table?
(a) Clare Kendeall.
(b) Colleen Kendry.
(c) Clare Kendry.
(d) Carol Kendrick.

2. What good quality does Irene have?
(a) Compassion.
(b) Friendliness.
(c) Forgiveness.
(d) Charm.

3. Whom is Irene determined not to see again?
(a) Her aunt.
(b) Clare Kendry.
(c) Her father.
(d) Her boyfriend.

4. What kept Irene from standing up to John?
(a) Her fear of him.
(b) Her pride.
(c) Her friendship with Clare.
(d) Her embarrassment about her family.

5. Clare Kendry disappears from the Chicago neighborhood after what event?
(a) Her father's death.
(b) Her mother's death.
(c) Her house burns down.
(d) Her father is arrested.

6. How does Irene first react to Clare's note?
(a) She ignores it.
(b) She rips it up.
(c) She doesn't want to read it.
(d) She throws it away.

7. Who will be in danger if Irene speaks up to John Bellew?
(a) Clare, Gertrude, and herself.
(b) Gertrude.
(c) Clare.
(d) Clare's children.

8. Where does Irene promise to meet Clare at the next Tuesday?
(a) At her hotel.
(b) At her apartment.
(c) At her mother's house.
(d) At her office.

9. What do Irene and Brian agree on about Clare?
(a) Clare should divorce John.
(b) Clare should be encouraged to return to the black world.
(c) Clare should remain with John.
(d) Clare should not be encouraged to return to the black world.

10. Where does Irene want Brian to take Junior?
(a) Hawaii.
(b) Europe.
(c) Brazil.
(d) California.

11. What does Clare send to Irene?
(a) Flowers.
(b) A present.
(c) A telegram.
(d) A note.

12. What invitation does Irene accept from Clare?
(a) Go to a museum.
(b) To go to tea.
(c) Have lunch.
(d) Have coffee.

13. What relationship did the woman have to Irene?
(a) Cousin.
(b) Niece.
(c) Childhood friend.
(d) Colleague.

14. Irene thinks the woman who sits near her at the hotel looks _____________.
(a) Homely.
(b) Beautiful.
(c) Cute.
(d) Attractive.

15. What does Gertrude's husband know about her heritage?
(a) She is part Mexican.
(b) She is white.
(c) She is black.
(d) She is mixed.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Clare's coloring described?

2. Who escorts Irene to breakfast?

3. Where does Nella spend the majority of her childhood?

4. What makes Irene stop shopping when she's in Chicago?

5. What does Irene ask Brian to do after breakfast?

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