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1. What are Irene Redfield's recollections as she reads the letter from Clare Kendry?

Irene Redfield reads a letter that arrives in the morning mail from Clare Kendry, a childhood friend. Irene thinks about Clare, recalling the day Clare's father died and how she stared down at him in silence before bursting into tears. Clare then disappeared from the Chicago neighborhood where they all grew up, visiting only a few times before disappearing for good.

2. When did Irene become reacquainted with her childhood friend, Clare Kendry? What were the circumstances?

Irene recalls a trip to Chicago two years previously. While dining at a hotel, Irene became aware that a beautiful woman at another table was staring at her. As Irene tried to ignore the beautiful blond woman, the woman came to her table. The woman knew Irene's name. It took a moment, but Irene finally realized that this blond woman was her childhood friend, Clare Kendry.

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