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Letter from Clare - This object prompts Irene Redfield to recall a meeting with Clare two years previously.

Tea Cup - Irene drops and breaks this object after coming to the conclusion that her husband and friend Clare are having an affair.

Black Taffeta Dress - Clare Kendry wears this piece of clothing to the Negro Welfare League dance, making Irene feel under dressed.

Brian's Coat - After Clare falls to her death, Irene takes this item out of fear that the owner will become ill.

Window - Irene pushes Clare from this place in order to keep her from getting a divorce and running off with Irene's husband.

Books - Ted Redfield uses this item to avoid meeting Clare.

Redfield Home - Clare Kendry becomes a regular at this home after attending the Negro Welfare League dance organized by Irene Redfield.

Negro Welfare League - Irene...

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