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Short Answer Questions

1. Who opens the court case with "everyone knows the man's guilty"?

2. Who is having an affair?

3. Who picks up Adela immediately after the trial?

4. With what religion is Professor Godbole affiliated?

5. Who does Dr. Aziz want to ask before he apologizes to Adela Quested?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Dr. Aziz's feelings about the British in India?

2. Describe the religious tensions in Mau.

3. What do the postcards that Cyril Fielding writes to his Indian friends signify?

4. How do Adela Quested and Cyril Fielding part when Adela returns to England?

5. Describe Cyril Fielding's trip.

6. Describe the reaction to Mrs. Moore aboard the ship.

7. Why is Dr. Aziz released?

8. What does the servant approach Adela Quested with when she is leaving?

9. Why are Adela Quested's arrangements of where to stay after the trial ends an issue?

10. How is Adela Quested received after the trial ends?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One conflict that Forster has set up is between religions. Aziz is Muslim and does not understand or feel comfortable with either Hindu or Christian. However, he does admire Professor Godbole, who, although he is of a superior caste and would be expected to look down on everyone else, is kind and friendly. What other examples of religious conflict contribute to the feeling of the novel? How do these religious conflicts compare to other conflicts in the novel?

Essay Topic 2

Dr. Lal, Aziz's colleague, is portrayed as a self-serving, despicable game-player. His character provides a contrast to Fielding, who has done what is right regardless of cost to himself. Compare and contrast these two characters and describe how other characters fit into a continuum if Lal is placed on one end and Fielding on the other.

Essay Topic 3

In earlier versions of the book, Forster was much more explicit in the sexual aspects of the assault, and the strap of the field glasses was used to strangle Adela. In one version, she used the glasses as a weapon to free herself from her attacker. By the time Forster had revised the book for publication, the attack is much more ambiguous, tentative, and tenuous. What effect do you think Forster's edits have on the plot of the book? How would the plot of the book be different if he had not made these changes?

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