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Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes to visit Cyril Fielding at the school?

2. Who says, "I shall attend your marriage, but not your trial. Then I shall go to England."

3. Why does Dr. Aziz change his invitation from his house to Marabar Caves?

4. Why is Mr. Callendar upset at Dr. Aziz at the Bridge Party?

5. What does Mr. Turton expect Cyril Fielding to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Cyril Fielding react to the discovery of the letter to the brothel owner?

2. Describe the religious tensions in Mau.

3. Where is Adela Quested when she can't be found?

4. What are Dr. Aziz's feelings about the British in India?

5. Why does Dr. Aziz drop the case against Adela Quested?

6. What does Dr. Aziz discover about Cyril Fielding's marital status in Part 3, Chapter 35?

7. What are Cyril Fielding's opinions of the English occupation?

8. What happens on the roof of Mr. Zulfiqar's mansion?

9. Why can't Adela Quested leave the college?

10. Describe Mrs. Moore's attitude towards Adela Quested and the case.

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

One conflict that Forster has set up is between religions. Aziz is Muslim and does not understand or feel comfortable with either Hindu or Christian. However, he does admire Professor Godbole, who, although he is of a superior caste and would be expected to look down on everyone else, is kind and friendly. What other examples of religious conflict contribute to the feeling of the novel? How do these religious conflicts compare to other conflicts in the novel?

Essay Topic 2

The Marabar caves are an essential component in the setting for this story. Whereas in Chandrapore we can see graphically the cultural levels with the British living on a tier above the other residents, the caves represent a complex spiritual force that will blast the action to its climax. Explain how the caves serve as a character in the play. What is the role of the caves? How are the caves personified? How do the caves affect different characters?

Essay Topic 3

At the end of the book, Fielding and Aziz reignite their friendship, but they part knowing that they will not see each other again. How is this significant to the ending of the book? Why do you think Forster makes sure that the audience knows they do not meet again?

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