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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Moore come to India?

2. With what are Nancy Derek and Mrs. McBryde helping Adela Quested?

3. How does Dr. Aziz respond when Adela Quested cannot be found after he leaves the caves?

4. Why does Dr. Aziz want to go to Calcutta?

5. Adela Quested had known Ronny Heaslop well in England and had come to India to visit him before deciding to be his wife. At the beginning of Chapter 8, how does Adela feel about Ronny?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Cyril Fielding unsure about hiring Amritrao?

2. What is Cyril Fielding's role in the trial against Dr. Aziz?

3. How does Adela Quested offend Dr. Aziz on the picnic, before they enter the caves?

4. What is Aziz's reaction to Adela Quested's question before they enter the caves?

5. Why is Major Callendar upset at Dr. Aziz?

6. Why does Cyril Fielding go into the city?

7. What does Mrs. Moore think of the caves?

8. Why is it significant that Dr. Aziz shows Cyril Fielding a picture of his wife?

9. How do the plans to go to the cave get rekindled?

10. What does Mrs. Moore notice regarding Ronny Heaslop's response to Cousin Kate?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mrs. Moore rises above the religious conflict and sets an example for how all of them might come together and live in peace. She is eventually venerated by the Hindus, and Aziz, a Muslim, never fails to admire her and hold her example up for himself and others. Do you think this worshiping of Mrs. Moore is fair? Why or why not? How does Mrs. Moore support or go against this ideal that has been developed?

Essay Topic 2

At one point in the book Fielding claims, "I travel light." Does Fielding travel as light as he claims? What attachments does he have to the people and places around him that might affect his ability to "travel light"?

Essay Topic 3

In the novel, the heat is mentioned on multiple occasions. For example, during the trial, every action and emotion is influenced by the extreme heat, especially since the courtroom is filled with multiple people, and there is obviously no air conditioning. How does the heat affect the general feeling of the novel? Give examples of how the heat serves as a metaphor for other events in the novel.

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