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Short Answer Questions

1. At the Bridge Party, the Anglo-Indians discuss a play that was put on by members of the club. What is the name of the play?

2. Why does Dr. Aziz borrow Hamidullah's horse?

3. What does Dr. Aziz do in response to being offended by Adela Quested outside the caves?

4. When Dr. Aziz returns home, he finds the invitation from Cyril Fielding to tea. He is ____.

5. In Chapter 21, what holiday is being celebrated in the city?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Adela Quested's accusation against Aziz after the visit to the caves.

2. Why is Cyril Fielding unsure about hiring Amritrao?

3. Who are Aziz's friends, and how can they be described?

4. Is Cyril Fielding's response to Adela Quested's accusations well accepted?

5. How does Cyril Fielding react to the discovery of the letter to the brothel owner?

6. What role does the climate play within the novel?

7. Describe Mrs. Moore's attitude towards Adela Quested and the case.

8. What does Mrs. Moore notice regarding Ronny Heaslop's response to Cousin Kate?

9. Describe the evidence against Dr. Aziz.

10. What is Aziz's reaction to Adela Quested's question before they enter the caves?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Often in novels, authors use one or more characters to argue their own viewpoints. Research Forster's own viewpoints. What character or set of characters do you think that Forster is using to communicate his own viewpoints? Is there a specific character that can be defined as Forster?

Essay Topic 2

At the end of the book, Fielding and Aziz reignite their friendship, but they part knowing that they will not see each other again. How is this significant to the ending of the book? Why do you think Forster makes sure that the audience knows they do not meet again?

Essay Topic 3

Fielding is not well accepted in the Christian community, not because of his lack of faith, but because of his disapproval of their attitudes and behaviors, which clearly violate Christian teachings. What place does this irony have in the novel? Why do you think Fielding, as an atheist, is set up as the only one who embodies Christian values?

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