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Short Answer Questions

1. Who misses the train on the way to the caves?

2. Who is invited to the caves?

3. Why is Dr. Aziz arrested?

4. What is part of purdah?

5. How do the women start treating Adela Quested after she accuses Dr. Aziz of attacking her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Mrs. Moore's attitude towards Adela Quested and the case.

2. What does Mrs. Moore notice regarding Ronny Heaslop's response to Cousin Kate?

3. Describe the evidence against Dr. Aziz.

4. Why does Cyril Fielding go into the city?

5. Describe the setting of the novel.

6. What is the purpose of the women gathering before the trial with Adela Quested?

7. What role does the climate play within the novel?

8. Is Cyril Fielding's response to Adela Quested's accusations well accepted?

9. What does Mrs. Moore think of the caves?

10. Why is Cyril Fielding unsure about hiring Amritrao?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At one point in the book Fielding claims, "I travel light." Does Fielding travel as light as he claims? What attachments does he have to the people and places around him that might affect his ability to "travel light"?

Essay Topic 2

The major's failure to understand Aziz's visiting friends instead of being at home is one example of where the divide between the two cultures is mentioned. Compare and contrast the differences between the Anglo and Indian cultures. How do these cultures clash throughout the novel?

Essay Topic 3

In the novel, some of the characters names seem to say something about their actual role in the novel. For example, Adela Quested is on a quest, or journey, in India and Fielding seems to spend much of his time fielding ideas from various other characters as one of the main moderators in the novel. What is the significance of a name in the novel? Who else has names that describe the role the character plays? Why do you think Forster chose to give these characters their names?

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