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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is having an affair?
(a) Nancy Derek and Mr. McBryde.
(b) Mrs. Moore and Mr. McBryde.
(c) Adela Quested and Cyril Fielding.
(d) Nancy Derek and Cyril Fielding.

2. What does Adela Quested do to the person trying to blackmail her?
(a) Pays the person.
(b) Corrects the person's mistake.
(c) Reports the person.
(d) Throws the person out.

3. What is the theme of the religious ceremony taking place in Mau?
(a) God is ruthless.
(b) God is unforgiving.
(c) God is merciful.
(d) God is love.

4. What happened to Mrs. Moore soon after the ship departed?
(a) She became ill.
(b) She met a new friend.
(c) She became engaged.
(d) She fired a servant.

5. Why is Fielding in Mau?
(a) To inspect the educational facilities.
(b) To teach a class.
(c) To relax.
(d) To visit Dr. Aziz.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what event is Professor Godbole participating in Mau?

2. Why didn't Mrs. Moore defend Adela Quested?

3. What do Adela Quested and Cyril Fielding conclude might have been the reason for her thinking Dr. Aziz attacked her?

4. Why is Cyril Fielding traveling?

5. Who does Dr. Aziz think Cyril Fielding has married, leading him not to open letters from Fielding?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Dr. Aziz's attitude towards Cyril Fielding when they first meet in Mau.

2. Describe the relationship between Cyril Fielding and Dr. Aziz at the end of the novel.

3. What are Dr. Aziz's feelings about the British in India?

4. Describe Mrs. Moore's attitude on the ship.

5. Describe the religious tensions in Mau.

6. Why does Dr. Aziz go to the house where Cyril Fielding is staying?

7. Describe the religious ceremony in which Professor Godbole is participating.

8. Describe Dr. Aziz and Cyril Fielding's discussion of compensation for Adela Quested.

9. Describe the reaction to Mrs. Moore aboard the ship.

10. Describe Dr. Aziz's response to Cyril Fielding's attempts to be polite when they run into each other on a walk in Mau.

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