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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Dr. Aziz borrow Hamidullah's horse?
(a) To play polo.
(b) To go riding with Adela Quested.
(c) To escape the city.
(d) To visit a friend.

2. Who is not one of the people that Cyril Fielding meets with regarding Dr. Aziz's situation?
(a) Nawab Bahadur.
(b) Hamidullah.
(c) Ronny Heaslop.
(d) Mahmoud Ali.

3. From whom is the letter that Dr. Aziz has in his possession when arrested?
(a) Cyril Fielding.
(b) His friend who owns a brothel.
(c) His brother living in Calcutta.
(d) Adela Quested.

4. Nawab Bahadur offers Adela Quested and Ronny Heaslop a spin in his new car. What happens?
(a) They hit a pothole.
(b) They run out of gas.
(c) They hit an animal.
(d) They make it back safely.

5. Who questions the allegations and insists on talking to Adela?
(a) Cyril Fielding.
(b) Mr. Turton.
(c) Mrs. Moore.
(d) Ronny Heaslop.

6. Why is Dr. Aziz arrested?
(a) Mrs. Moore has accused him of assaulting her in one of the caves.
(b) Mrs. Moore has accused him of stealing her field glasses.
(c) Adela Quested has accused him of stealing her field glasses.
(d) Adela Quested has accused him of assaulting her in one of the caves.

7. Who says he blames himself for the incident with Adela Quested?
(a) Ronny Heaslop.
(b) Professor Godbole.
(c) Cyril Fielding.
(d) Mrs. Moore.

8. Who comes to visit Cyril Fielding at the school?
(a) Dr. Aziz.
(b) Cyril Fielding.
(c) Professor Godbole.
(d) Amritrao.

9. Who is the Calcutta barrister, who has a good reputation but is notoriously anti-British?
(a) Professor Godbole.
(b) Amritrao.
(c) Hamidullah.
(d) Cyril Fielding.

10. How do the women start treating Adela Quested after she accuses Dr. Aziz of attacking her?
(a) They try to be her friend so she won't go behind their back.
(b) They shun her, disgusted by the case.
(c) They rally around her, sorry they had not been more inclusive.
(d) They avoid her because she is going back to England, anyway.

11. Cyril Fielding, the principal at the college, visits with Mrs. Moore and Adela Quested and invites them to tea. Why?
(a) He is ashamed and angry that the Indians have been invited to the Bridge party and have been treated so badly.
(b) He wants to get to know the women better in the absence of Indians.
(c) He prefers intimate events and is overwhelmed by the Bridge party.
(d) He is proud of the tea that is served in India and wants them to experience it.

12. Who escorts Mrs. Moore off the train?
(a) Mr. Turton.
(b) Ronny Heaslop.
(c) Adela Quested.
(d) Cyril Fielding.

13. Dr. Aziz is glad that Adela Quested is ____ because it allows him to enjoy her company.
(a) Smart.
(b) Plain.
(c) Energetic.
(d) Pretty.

14. Adela Quested had known Ronny Heaslop well in England and had come to India to visit him before deciding to be his wife. At the beginning of Chapter 8, how does Adela feel about Ronny?
(a) She thinks he is arrogant, rude, insensitive, and chauvinistic.
(b) She thinks he is uptight, shy, unsocial, and rude.
(c) She thinks he is polite, encouraging, sensitive, and gentlemanly.
(d) She thinks he is vibrant, exciting, nice, and handsome.

15. What does Cyril Fielding think of Adela Quested's accusations?
(a) He thinks that they are not malicious and she is just mistaken.
(b) He thinks they are true.
(c) He thinks she is purposely trying to bring down Aziz.
(d) He thinks she is a liar.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Adela react in response to offending Aziz?

2. What is served on the train?

3. What story does Major Callendar tell about Dr. Aziz?

4. What does Dr. Aziz find and pick up that belongs to Adela Quested after leaving the caves?

5. Who is waiting for Dr. Aziz, Cyril Fielding, and the others when they return to Chandrapore?

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