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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Adela Quested offend Dr. Aziz before they enter the caves?
(a) She accuses him of flirting with her.
(b) She tells him that his wife is ugly.
(c) She asks him if he has multiple wives.
(d) She says that she is suprised he is married.

2. Dr. Aziz receives a message to go to the bungalow of Major Callendar. On his way, he gets delayed because____.
(a) He cannot find a tonga to drive him.
(b) He gets a flat tire on his bike.
(c) He runs into Mrs. Moore in the mosque.
(d) He is caught up in conversation with Hamidullah.

3. Cyril Fielding, the principal at the college, visits with Mrs. Moore and Adela Quested and invites them to tea. Why?
(a) He is proud of the tea that is served in India and wants them to experience it.
(b) He wants to get to know the women better in the absence of Indians.
(c) He is ashamed and angry that the Indians have been invited to the Bridge party and have been treated so badly.
(d) He prefers intimate events and is overwhelmed by the Bridge party.

4. Why does Cyril Fielding say that he is in India?
(a) Because he needed a job.
(b) Because he wanted to experience the culture.
(c) Because he thinks it's the right thing to do.
(d) Because he believes Indians are not qualified for the jobs.

5. At the Bridge Party, the Anglo-Indians discuss a play that was put on by members of the club. What is the name of the play?
(a) Brother Adam.
(b) Uncle Vanya.
(c) Sister Act.
(d) Cousin Kate.

6. Who tells Cyril Fielding, "you deserted me"?
(a) Adela Quested.
(b) Professor Godbole.
(c) Hamidallah.
(d) Dr. Aziz.

7. What is described in Chapter 12?
(a) The Marabar Caves.
(b) The Club.
(c) Aziz's Hovel.
(d) Fielding's Office.

8. How does Adela react in response to offending Aziz?
(a) She continues to ask offensive questions.
(b) She apologizes immediately.
(c) She tells him that he is being too sensitive.
(d) She doesn't realize she has offended him.

9. Who is not one of the people that Cyril Fielding meets with regarding Dr. Aziz's situation?
(a) Hamidullah.
(b) Mahmoud Ali.
(c) Nawab Bahadur.
(d) Ronny Heaslop.

10. Dr. Aziz has three children. Who do they live with?
(a) Their mother.
(b) Dr. Aziz.
(c) Their grandmother.
(d) Their aunt.

11. What does Dr. Aziz say when Adela Quested asks if he is married?
(a) He says that he has not been married.
(b) He says no, his wife has passed away.
(c) He says yes and invites her to come see his wife.
(d) He says he is unhappily married.

12. After talking to Mrs. Moore and discussing Mr. Callendar, Dr. Aziz decides that she is_____.
(a) Different from other British women because she is pretty.
(b) Like other British women because she sides with Mr. Callendar.
(c) Like other British women because she talks to much.
(d) Different from other British women because she listens to him.

13. Dr. Aziz is glad that Adela Quested is ____ because it allows him to enjoy her company.
(a) Plain.
(b) Energetic.
(c) Pretty.
(d) Smart.

14. With what are Nancy Derek and Mrs. McBryde helping Adela Quested?
(a) Taking a bath.
(b) Picking cactus spines out of her.
(c) Preparing her case.
(d) Consoling her.

15. Where is Adela Quested staying after the attack when she is visiting with Nancy Derek and Mrs. McBryde?
(a) At Ronny Heaslop's.
(b) At the McBrydes's.
(c) At Cyril Fielding's.
(d) At Nancy Derek's.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Dr. Aziz runs into Mrs. Moore in the mosque he ____.

2. In what month is Chapter 10 set?

3. Why does Cyril Fielding want to talk to Adela Quested after Dr. Aziz's arrest?

4. How does Cyril Fielding shock Dr. Aziz and his friends?

5. What is served on the train?

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