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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who already has decided that Aziz is definitely guilty?
(a) Nawab Bahadur.
(b) Cyril Fielding.
(c) Mrs. Moore.
(d) Mr. Turton.

2. When does the party plan to leave to go to the caves?
(a) As soon as it is light out.
(b) Late at night.
(c) Long before daylight.
(d) In the afternoon.

3. At the Bridge Party, the Anglo-Indians discuss a play that was put on by members of the club. What is the name of the play?
(a) Sister Act.
(b) Brother Adam.
(c) Uncle Vanya.
(d) Cousin Kate.

4. Who misses the train on the way to the caves?
(a) Cyril Fielding and Professor Godbole.
(b) Cyril Fielding and Adela Quested.
(c) Professor Godbole and Adela Quested.
(d) Ronny Heaslop and ProfessorGodbole.

5. When Dr. Aziz returns home, he finds the invitation from Cyril Fielding to tea. He is ____.
(a) Pleased.
(b) Disappointed.
(c) Regretful.
(d) Angry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What story does Major Callendar tell about Dr. Aziz?

2. In regard to the Bridge Party, Nawab Bahudar _____.

3. Adela Quested had known Ronny Heaslop well in England and had come to India to visit him before deciding to be his wife. At the beginning of Chapter 8, how does Adela feel about Ronny?

4. Dr. Aziz is glad that Adela Quested is ____ because it allows him to enjoy her company.

5. Who says, "I travel light"?

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