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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the district superintendent of police?
(a) Mr. McBryde.
(b) Major Callendar.
(c) Ronny Heaslop.
(d) Mr. Turton.

2. What does Dr. Aziz do in response to being offended by Adela Quested outside the caves?
(a) He lets go of Adela's hand and goes into the cave alone.
(b) He confronts her and tells her why he is offended.
(c) He tells everything that it is time to leave.
(d) He yells at Adela.

3. Who resigns from the club over the case?
(a) Dr. Aziz.
(b) Cyril Fielding.
(c) Ronny Heaslop.
(d) Professor Godbole.

4. Who says, "I believe Dr. Aziz to be innocent"?
(a) Ronny Heaslop
(b) Professor Godbole.
(c) Adela Quested.
(d) Cyril Fielding.

5. Adela Quested has come to India to see Ronny Heaslop, whom she is expected to marry. When she says she wants to see the "real India," what does Ronny do?
(a) Ronny asks Cyril Fielding to take her to meet Indians.
(b) Ronny tells her to go to the club to meet Indians.
(c) Ronny introduces her to Dr. Aziz.
(d) Ronny asks Fielding how they may do that.

Short Answer Questions

1. Nawab Bahadur, a generous and wealthy leader in the Muslim community, discusses the invitation to the Bridge Party with Mahmoud Ali and others. Mahmoud Ali is _____.

2. Who questions the allegations and insists on talking to Adela?

3. Who denies Cyril Fielding a visit with Adela Quested?

4. After Ronny Heaslop and Mrs. Moore talk about Dr. Aziz, ____.

5. Who says to Mrs. Moore, "You're superior to them, anyway. Don't forget that. You're superior to everyone in India except one or two of the Ranis, and they're on an equality"?

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