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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapter 32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who opens the court case with "everyone knows the man's guilty"?
(a) Ronny Heaslop.
(b) Mr. Turton.
(c) Mr. McBryde.
(d) Cyril Fielding.

2. What does Nawab Bahudar do in response to the Bridge Party invitation?
(a) Finish his business because he does not have time to drive the twenty-five miles to the collector.
(b) Drives twenty-five miles to go to the party.
(c) Drives twenty-five miles to shake the collector's hand.
(d) Drives twenty-five miles to complain about the disrespect to the Indians.

3. Why does Dr. Aziz change his invitation from his house to Marabar Caves?
(a) Because his home is unfit for visitors.
(b) Because he thinks it will be more interesting.
(c) Because Adela asks him to.
(d) Because Indians cannot have Anglo guests.

4. What does Mrs. Moore hear in the cave?
(a) Echoes.
(b) Monkeys.
(c) Footsteps.
(d) Voices.

5. Who does Dr. Aziz want to ask before he apologizes to Adela Quested?
(a) Cyril Fielding.
(b) Mrs. Moore.
(c) Ronny Heaslop.
(d) Mr. Zulfiqar.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what month is Chapter 10 set?

2. What does Ronny Heaslop tell Hamidullah and Cyril Fielding when he visits them after Mrs. Moore has left the country?

3. Who escorts Mrs. Moore off the train?

4. Who comes to visit Cyril Fielding at the school?

5. Who wants to know the facts about the case in Part 2, Chapter 17?

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