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Chandrapore - A part of British India, this city is where the novel takes place. In the center of this city is the British club, which excludes Indians from membership.

Marabar Caves - Aziz promises to show this place to Mrs. Moore and Adela. The picnic at this place leads to the infamous incident in which Adela accuses Aziz of improprieties. This place represents a disunion between British and Indian.

Mosque - Mrs. Moore and Aziz meet at this place and start their friendship. This place represents a union between British and Indian.

Bridge Party - This is Turton's attempt to bring together British and Indians in a social setting. It is superficial and unsuccessful.

Wife's Photograph - Showing Fielding this object is Aziz's way of bridging the separation between women and men. By doing this he tries to promote a brotherhood between them.

Ghost - This...

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