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Part 1: Chapter 1 | Part 1: Chapter 2

The historical setting of Chandrapore, India plays an important part in the novel as it forms the foundation for nearly the entire plot. The objective for this lesson is understanding the historical setting of Chandrapore, India.


1. Writing Assignment: Write a one-page journal about a place that you have lived. How have people been divided in this location? Are there clear cut socioeconomic boundaries in the location as there are in Chandrapore? Why do you think boundaries like this exist?

2. Small Group Activity: Pair up with someone else in the class. Discuss the divisions that exist in the Chandrapore society. Talk about places that you have lived and communicate how time has changed or not changed the divisions that exist in society. Present your conclusions to the class.

3. Class Discussion: How is Chandrapore laid out? What divisions does Chandrapore have? Why do...

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