A Passage to India Character Descriptions

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Mahmoud Ali - This character is a Muslim and a lawyer who declares that it is not possible for Indians to be friends with the English. This character is generally cynical and often makes sharp comments about other characters.

Mr. Amritrao - This character is a famous Hindu barrister (trial-lawyer) from Calcutta who is reputed to be one of the finest Indian lawyers in the country. This character is "notoriously anti-British."

Dr. Aziz - The central Indian character in the novel, this character is a Muslim and a widower who works at the government hospital in Chandrapore. This character has a romantic side, writes poetry, and idealizes the cultures of Persia and Arabia, where the Islamic faith originated.

Nawab Bahadur - This character is a distinguished Muslim who is a leading figure in the Indian community in the Chandrapore district. A supporter of British rule in India...

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