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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who owns the lands where the Sanctuary of Artemis is located?

2. What field interests Bowles as he tells Pascali?

3. What does Pascali realize Smith's business must be?

4. What does Pascali believe about harmony.

5. Why does Bowles need translation services?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the signs of violence/tension that seem just below the surface in Pascali?

2. Describe the presentation of the wax figure of the Saint and how you might interpret this event.

3. How does the conversation at dinner reveal much about some of the characters?

4. How is the theme of deceit demonstrated by Bowles during the transaction with Pasha?

5. What is one theme that seems to be developing in this section?

6. How is the symbolism of the sky and sea used again in this chapter?

7. What are some signs of the high level of tension present on the island?

8. What is the meaning of the phrase utriusque capex and how can this ability be useful to a spy?

9. Of what does Pascali warn the Sultan, which taken in historical retrospect is "bad advice"?

10. How do Bowles and Pascali view Lydia's painting differently and what surprises Pascali about the way Lydia and Bowles discuss art?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Section 5, Pascali notes his position of "utriusque capex" in both religion and sexuality. Choose one of the following questions and write a well-developed, cohesive essay using examples from the text and your research or personal experience:

1. Research and define the phrase "utriusque capax." What language is it? Why would Pascali be using this language? How is this phrase apropos for Pascali? Give specific examples.

2. The phrase "utriusque capax" is used in a few fields--psychology (Jungian), alchemy and music. Choose one of these areas and discuss what the phrase means in that field giving specific examples.

3. It seems that a person who is able to be capable of both (a loose translation of the phrase "utriusque capax") would make an excellent spy. Choose to defend or argue against that idea using examples from the text and personal knowledge.

Essay Topic 2

In Section 7, while Pascali and Bowles are waiting for an audience with Pasha and Izzet, Pascali looks around the room at the many expensive imports. He finds himself filled with a sense of injustice knowing these objects have been obtained through suffering and extortion. He can almost hear them shriek. Choose one of the following and write a well-developed, cohesive essay using examples from the text and your research or personal experience:

1. In considering everything that is revealed throughout the novel, what sort of suffering and extortion do you think has taken place and by whom? Give examples from the novel and from extrapolating likely scenarios from the hints provided in the novel.

2. What does it say about Pascali as an extortionist himself (as occurs in Sections 9, 10) that he is appalled by other extortionist? Or is his justifiable extortion versus some other type? Or do these thoughts here give him the idea to later try to extort money out of Bowles and at this moment, he wouldn't consider extortion?

3. Many times the behavior of one is merely a continuation of behaviors from those in authority over the one. For example, Izzet is answerable to Pasha who is answerable to someone who is answerable to someone else, all the way up to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Often, perpetuating injustice and suffering starts at the top and just filters downward. In other words, the standards the "top dog" adheres to tend to be the same as those in the chain under him/her keeps. The reverse is often true also in that a leader/ruler with integrity and goodness tends to have the same persons in positions of authority under him/her. Respond to these ideas using both examples from the book, research or personal experience. You can choose to agree or disagree with the ideas.

Essay Topic 3

In Section 15, Pascali realizes Bowles believes himself to be on a mission from a higher power and that the balance between his zest for archeology and his drive for financial gain has broken, leaving him nearly insane Choose one of the following questions and write a well-developed, cohesive essay using examples from the text, your research or personal experience:

1. Pascali makes a pretty astute observation about Bowles. What do you think the phrase means--the balance between his zest for archeology and his drive for financial gain has broken leaving him [Bowles] nearly insane. Give examples from the entire book that has lead up to this moment.

2. In "real" life, most of us are at times driven to compromise between two things--sometimes both seem to be necessary evils; sometime one seems necessary, but it conflicts with something else that is only wanted; sometimes it can be a conflict between two things you want, neither which are essential for health and well being. Write about a time in your life when you were torn between two things, both of which you wanted, but which if one was achieved, the other had to be compromised or abandoned.

3. Do you think many people who "go off the deep end" and commit such horrible acts as mass shootings are people who are extremely conflicted by warring wants/natures? Discuss this idea using specific examples.

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