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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Pascali decide to seek out Lydia?

2. What does Lydia notice that delights Pascali?

3. How long has Pascali been a paid informer?

4. What does Pascali realize Smith's business must be?

5. What does Pascali think of what Bowles is saying about finding artifacts at the site?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Pascali represent the theme of violence symbolically?

2. What are some images that seem to suggest the violence that is simmering just below the surface on this island?

3. How does the conversation at dinner reveal much about some of the characters?

4. How does the conversation between Lydia and Pascali about the fisherman show that Lydia is lying?

5. What does Bowles ostensibly say is his interest in the Sanctuary of Artemis?

6. Discuss the theme of jealousy as it particularly applies to Pascali.

7. What are some of the signs of violence/tension that seem just below the surface in Pascali?

8. How might Pascali actually be creating a wall between him and the townspeople and then misinterpreting the townspeople's actions?

9. Of what does the fact that Bowles is walking and talking with Pascali in public remind Pascali?

10. How do Bowles and Pascali view Lydia's painting differently and what surprises Pascali about the way Lydia and Bowles discuss art?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Section 10, Bowles suggests he is working for another party, a fact that Pascali nearly misses in his desire for money. Pascali's failure to note this detail with more attention shows his deep desire to escape the island, as he is willing to believe anything for an opportunity of a better life. Answer the following questions by writing a well-developed, cohesive essay using examples from the text, your research or personal experience:

1. List some of the reasons Pascali thinks he has a terrible life on the island. Do you think his reasons are valid?

2. Do you think Pascali could have improved his life on the island? How? Why do you think he has not?

3. In Section 6, Pascali thinks eats grapes and halvah and realizes he loves them both, as he loves the island. This seems contradictory to his sometimes desperate desire to leave the island. Discuss how Pascali can both love and hate the island and his life there.

Essay Topic 2

The theme of morality is introduced in Section 2 and is an integral part of understanding both the characters and the plot. Answer the following questions and write a well-developed, cohesive essay using examples from the text and your research or personal experience:

1. How would you define morality as it is used in this novel?

2. Do all the characters have the same definition of morality? How do the characters differ in the way they perceive morality and in how they perceive themselves as moral people?

3. How important is it to Bowles, Lydia, Pascali and Gesing that they are perceived as moral people? Give examples to illustrate each person's belief. How important is it to each of those characters that they are actually moral people? Is there a discrepancy? Why do you think this is?

Essay Topic 3

In section 7, as Pascali readies for the meeting with Pasha, he is again disturbed by Bowles' consistent maintenance of a sense of moral superiority. This statement could be considered ironic for several reasons. Answer the following questions and write a well-developed, cohesive essay using examples from the text and your research or personal experience:

1. How would you define the concept of irony?

2. Why could the statement above be considered ironic? Use examples and detail in your explanation.

3. Pascali has a number of thoughts or makes statements that are ironic, though he seldom realizes this fact. Go through the text and find several instances of ironic thoughts or statements from Pascali and explain the situation and why you believe it to be ironic.

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