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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Pascali see Bowles?
(a) As a brilliant archeologist.
(b) As a dead man.
(c) As a dreamer and both a victim of his own mind and an exploiter of those ideas.
(d) As a frustrated writer.

2. What kind of image does Pascali think Bowles projects?
(a) A dedicated amatuer scientist.
(b) A bit of a fop.
(c) One of decency, morality, and ethics.
(d) A sophisticated, yet jaded, businessman.

3. When Pascali meets Izzet the next time, what does Izzet want?
(a) To know if Smith and Bowles are running drugs.
(b) Pascali does not see Izzet anymore in the story.
(c) To have Pascali bring Bowles to a place where Bowles can be roughed up.
(d) To know why Bowles is delaying.

4. Why does Pascali want to leave the island?
(a) To get away from the unrequited love of Lydia.
(b) To go to a cooler climate.
(c) To make his way to Constantinople to find his previous reports.
(d) To save his life.

5. What does Pascali learn about the phrase "terra rossa"?
(a) That there is actually no such material.
(b) That it is only used in very primative cultures for making wood-fired dishes.
(c) That it is slightly radioactive.
(d) That it is bauxite, a non-plastic, clay-like material, generally red in color.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mannfeldt?

2. What does Bowles say about the stranger with whom he was speaking?

3. What gives Pascali the courage to bring up the matter of blackmailing Bowles?

4. Who is Pasha deceiving?

5. Who meets Pascali on his way home from Dr. Hogan's?

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