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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Izzet say he knows about Bowles?
(a) That Bowles used to work for Scotland Yard.
(b) That Bowles does have an advance degree in archeology.
(c) That Bowles and Smith are associated.
(d) That Bowles has a wife arriving on the next boat.

2. What does Pascali figure out about how Bowles will remove the statue from the island?
(a) By way of Smith's boat.
(b) He's still trying to figure it out.
(c) Through the mountains over to the other side of the island.
(d) By ballon in the middle of the night.

3. For what purpose would he do the answer to question #97?
(a) To see Bowles humiliated.
(b) To get a lot of money.
(c) To get off the island.
(d) To see Lydia turn away from Bowles.

4. Why are Pasha and Izzet caught in a must-pay situation?
(a) Because Bowles has kidnapped a child of each of them and holds the child against payment.
(b) Not to pay would mean involvement by authorities which would betray their secret.
(c) They know Bowles has the contacts to have them killed.
(d) They do not have to pay; they know the authorities will believe them over Bowles.

5. What is Mannfeldt?
(a) A book by Kant.
(b) A city in Germany.
(c) An armament firm of Germany.
(d) A ship in the harbor of the island.

Short Answer Questions

1. Upon what is Bowles' pretended offer of friendship to Pascali solely based?

2. Why does Pascali think Bowles despises Pascali?

3. Why does Pascali visit Dr. Hogan?

4. What does Pascali insist to Bowles about the church service?

5. What hinges upon Izzet fulfilling Bowles's demand?

Short Essay Questions

1. What evidence is there that Pascali may be in danger?

2. What do you think is Pascali's interpretation of the man he follows and sees laughing with Bowles?

3. In what position does Bowles place Pascali in not meeting with Izzet at the hotel and how is this ironic?

4. What is odd about Pascali's reaction to Bowles's not showing up for the meeting?

5. What does Pascali take from Bowles' room and why does this show a different side of Pascali?

6. How is the previous foreshadowing come to completion in this final section?

7. Explain how Pascali and Bowles agree again to be allies and whether you think either man is sincere.

8. Is there anything in this section that gives a different view of Bowles and perhaps makes him a more likable character?

9. Why do you think Pascali blends reality and illusion to create realism in imaginary settings?

10. What is ironic as Pascali reflects on whether to send this latest report to the Sultan?

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