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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Pascali tells Bowles Pasha wants to kill Bowles, what is Bowles' response?
(a) That Bowles feels safe.
(b) That Bowles is leaving that night.
(c) That Bowles has a few tricks up his sleeve.
(d) That Scotland Yard is keeping an eye on things.

2. What kind of image does Pascali think Bowles projects?
(a) One of decency, morality, and ethics.
(b) A dedicated amatuer scientist.
(c) A sophisticated, yet jaded, businessman.
(d) A bit of a fop.

3. What hinges upon Izzet fulfilling Bowles's demand?
(a) Any more money.
(b) Further negotiations.
(c) Bowles leaving the island.
(d) Any artifacts being turned over to the State.

4. How much does Izzet offer Bowles?
(a) 300 liras.
(b) 400 liras.
(c) 500 liras.
(d) 200 liras.

5. Who cowers in his palace?
(a) The King of England.
(b) The Kaiser of Germany.
(c) Abdul-Hamid, the Sultan, cowers in his palace, trusting only his harem and guards.
(d) The King of France.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what is Pascali now convinced?

2. What gives Pascali the courage to bring up the matter of blackmailing Bowles?

3. How is Bowles killed?

4. What shocking news does Bowles give Pascali?

5. What goes wrong with the meeting?

Short Essay Questions

1. When you read that Bowles does not show up at the hotel for his meeting with Izzet, are you surprised?

2. What is odd about Pascali's reaction to Bowles's not showing up for the meeting?

3. Summarize the interaction between Pascali and Bowles and one probable hidden meaning.

4. What evidence is there that Pascali may be in danger?

5. Explain what Pascali has figured out and how Bowles fits into the picture.

6. How do you think Pascali's perception of Bowles relationship to Pascali enables Pascali to rationalize his blackmail of Bowles?

7. Explain how Pascali and Bowles agree again to be allies and whether you think either man is sincere.

8. What does Pascali seem to forget when he is rejoicing at the prospect of 150 liras?

9. What do you think is Pascali's interpretation of the man he follows and sees laughing with Bowles?

10. How does the symbolism in this section express the duality of the natures of both Bowles and Pascali?

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