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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pascali wonder about Pasha?
(a) What he hasn't acted against Bowles and Pascali yet.
(b) If he has always been so fat.
(c) Why he has scared Izzet.
(d) Why he is still alive after all his manipulations.

2. What does Pascali figure out about how Bowles will remove the statue from the island?
(a) Through the mountains over to the other side of the island.
(b) He's still trying to figure it out.
(c) By ballon in the middle of the night.
(d) By way of Smith's boat.

3. What is Mannfeldt?
(a) A book by Kant.
(b) An armament firm of Germany.
(c) A ship in the harbor of the island.
(d) A city in Germany.

4. Of what does Pascali write to the Sultan in this section?
(a) Of Pascali's desire to retire.
(b) Of the death of Bowles and his party to the Sultan in his report.
(c) That he is no longer going to be writing any reports.
(d) Of Pascali's desier to return to Istanbul.

5. Why does Bowles want to leave the situation for a few days?
(a) Because he has not finished his research.
(b) To find more artifacts.
(c) To extort more money.
(d) To find out who is behind Pasha's scheme.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pascali decide to do?

2. What does Bowles say to the second offer?

3. About what does Pascali warn Bowles?

4. What does Pascali find when he returns home?

5. What goes wrong with the meeting?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Pascali seem to forget when he is rejoicing at the prospect of 150 liras?

2. Why do you think Pascali continues to let Bowles dictate the terms of their interaction?

3. What do you think is Pascali's interpretation of the man he follows and sees laughing with Bowles?

4. Summarize the interaction between Pascali and Bowles and one probable hidden meaning.

5. Why do you think Pascali becomes depressed by Dr. Hogan's talk of the Sultan?

6. Summarize the interaction between Pascali and Bowles just before Pascali leaves the evacuation site and explain if you think Pascali intends to follow through on the agreement with Bowles.

7. How is the previous foreshadowing come to completion in this final section?

8. Explain what Pascali has figured out and how Bowles fits into the picture.

9. What is some information that Pascali has learned in this section and do you think any of the information will determine a course of action for Pascali?

10. What do you think is a possible instance of foreshadowing in this section?

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