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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Instead of death, with what is Pascali concerned in this section?
(a) With finding out the truth about Bowles.
(b) With making enough money to move to Tahiti.
(c) With getting Lydia to marry him.
(d) With being recalled to Constantinople.

2. To whom is Pascali writing?
(a) The Pope.
(b) His eldest daughter.
(c) His wife.
(d) The Sultan in Constantinople.

3. For how much does Bowles obtain the lease?
(a) The request for the lease is denied.
(b) Two hundred liras.
(c) Twenty liras.
(d) Fifty liras.

4. What does Lydia think free expression does?
(a) It encourages the irrational.
(b) It spills over into dangerous areas such as politics.
(c) It makes one think the impossible is possible.
(d) It encourages imprecision.

5. Why is Dranas rude to Pascali?
(a) Because Dranas is rude to everyone.
(b) Because Dranas says "we know."
(c) Because Pascali was first rude to Dranas.
(d) There is no obvious reason.

Short Answer Questions

1. What two people does Pascali notice out of the window at Pasha's office who seem to be arguing.

2. What does Bowles say when asked by Izzet if he has the contract with him?

3. What field interests Bowles as he tells Pascali?

4. What does Pascali see about the papers on the desk?

5. What does Pascali believe about humankind?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Bowles ostensibly say is his interest in the Sanctuary of Artemis?

2. Describe the presentation of the wax figure of the Saint and how you might interpret this event.

3. Of what do you think the discussion of morality and self-preservation might be symbolic?

4. What are some of the signs of violence/tension that seem just below the surface in Pascali?

5. What historical event is introduced in this section and how is it linked symbolically to the major plot?

6. What is a theme that predominates this section?

7. Discuss the theme of jealousy as it particularly applies to Pascali.

8. Of what does the fact that Bowles is walking and talking with Pascali in public remind Pascali?

9. What does Lydia report about the Sultan and how does this report impact Pascali?

10. What are some images that seem to suggest the violence that is simmering just below the surface on this island?

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