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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hogan think "terra rossa" means?
(a) Terracotta, a type of pottery.
(b) The red planet Mars.
(c) Red earth.
(d) He has no idea.

2. What does Pascali find when he returns home?
(a) A note saying the money will be mailed to him.
(b) The one hundred fifty liras promised him, with a note telling him to leave the island.
(c) Fifty liras with a not promising more soon.
(d) A letter addressed to Lydia and Pascali giving them Bowles's blessings.

3. What view of the world do Bowles and Pascali have in common?
(a) That everyone has a price.
(b) That the world does not care who it deceives as long as they have money.
(c) One of the idea of parallels and symbolism.
(d) To take care of number one first.

4. Who is the first person killed?
(a) Smith.
(b) Bowles.
(c) Lydia.
(d) A worker.

5. What does Bowles' notebook indicate?
(a) Bowles has completed this same scheme that he is running on Pasha in numerous areas around Asia Minor for many months.
(b) That Bowles works for German SSI.
(c) That Bowles actually is a geologist.
(d) That Bowles is cousin to the Sultan.

6. What does Pascali think the men he is leading are going to do?
(a) Kill Bowles and his men.
(b) He is not sure.
(c) Kill Bowles and capture Smith.
(d) Capture Smith and Bowles.

7. What is the likely reason Bowles has suddenly brought up the presence of the soldiers?
(a) As a stalling tactic.
(b) To be doubly obnoxious.
(c) As more leverage.
(d) Because he wants to discomfit Pasha.

8. What does Pascali know about Izzet and Pasha regarding payment?
(a) They have no choice but to pay the 700 lira that Bowles demands.
(b) They do not have that much money.
(c) They do not care if they lose such a small sum of money.
(d) They do not know they are being blackmailed.

9. What gives Pascali the courage to bring up the matter of blackmailing Bowles?
(a) Bowles begins to berate the people of the Ottoman Empire, calling them savage and without honor.
(b) Bowles mentions how much he enjoys sex with Lydia.
(c) Bowles laughs at Pascali's concern about breaking the law.
(d) Bowles calls Pascali a wimp.

10. How does Pascali respond to Bowles' accusation.
(a) He gives Bowles an evil grin.
(b) He lowers his head.
(c) Pascali proudly declares himself to be "the best kind."
(d) He gets tearful.

11. Why do Pascali and Bowles meet with Izzet at the hotel?
(a) Because they have a great buffet.
(b) So they cannot be secretly killed at Pasha's house.
(c) To discuss the seven hundred liras payment.
(d) For public witnesses.

12. For what purpose would he do the answer to question #97?
(a) To see Bowles humiliated.
(b) To see Lydia turn away from Bowles.
(c) To get a lot of money.
(d) To get off the island.

13. Who waits impatiently for all persons to arrive for the meeting?
(a) Bowles and Izzet.
(b) Pascali and Izzet.
(c) Bowles and Pascali.
(d) Bowles.

14. What does Hogan's wife give Pascali?
(a) A jar of tomato paste.
(b) A smile and a hug.
(c) A plate of falafiel.
(d) A bowl of shelled peas.

15. How is Bowles killed?
(a) Lydia kills him before she dies.
(b) The statue crushes him.
(c) He is not killed.
(d) One of the soldiers stabs him with his bayonet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What hinges upon Izzet fulfilling Bowles's demand?

2. What does Pascali take from Bowles' room?

3. What does Pascali find Bowles doing at the excavation site?

4. Where does the person go who Pascali is following?

5. What goes wrong with the meeting?

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