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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bowles insist that he is doing?
(a) Paying Pascali.
(b) Being honest.
(c) Helping the field of archeology.
(d) Writing a book.

2. What does Pascali find when he returns home?
(a) The one hundred fifty liras promised him, with a note telling him to leave the island.
(b) A letter addressed to Lydia and Pascali giving them Bowles's blessings.
(c) A note saying the money will be mailed to him.
(d) Fifty liras with a not promising more soon.

3. What does Bowles demand?
(a) For Pasha to meet with him instead of Izzet.
(b) The removal of the soldiers from the evacuation site.
(c) For Pascali to be arrested for extortion.
(d) More money.

4. Where does the person go who Pascali is following?
(a) To Lydia's home.
(b) To the excavation site.
(c) To Pasha's home.
(d) Into a bar called the Agoraki.

5. What does Pascali wonder about Pasha?
(a) Why he has scared Izzet.
(b) Why he is still alive after all his manipulations.
(c) What he hasn't acted against Bowles and Pascali yet.
(d) If he has always been so fat.

6. What does Pascali figure out about how Bowles will remove the statue from the island?
(a) By way of Smith's boat.
(b) Through the mountains over to the other side of the island.
(c) He's still trying to figure it out.
(d) By ballon in the middle of the night.

7. Of what is Pascali now convinced?
(a) That he will get his money finally.
(b) That Pasha is not the person to fear.
(c) That he is about to die.
(d) That Izzet likes the way Pascali works.

8. When Pascali meets Izzet the next time, what does Izzet want?
(a) To know why Bowles is delaying.
(b) Pascali does not see Izzet anymore in the story.
(c) To have Pascali bring Bowles to a place where Bowles can be roughed up.
(d) To know if Smith and Bowles are running drugs.

9. Why does Pascali visit Dr. Hogan?
(a) Pascali needs a kind conversation and information.
(b) To relate to someone who is honest.
(c) To get a shot and information.
(d) Because his eyesight is getting worse.

10. What does Pascali think that Bowles sees within Pascali?
(a) Corruption.
(b) A man with high ideals.
(c) A man without a country.
(d) A homeless romantic.

11. Who waits impatiently for all persons to arrive for the meeting?
(a) Bowles.
(b) Bowles and Izzet.
(c) Bowles and Pascali.
(d) Pascali and Izzet.

12. What does Bowles believe about Greek statues?
(a) That Greek statues symbolize all human affairs.
(b) That Greek statues have been secretly disseminated throughout the world.
(c) That Greek statues are a dime a dozen.
(d) That Greek statues are a metaphor for civilization.

13. What does Pascali know about Izzet and Pasha regarding payment?
(a) They do not care if they lose such a small sum of money.
(b) They do not have that much money.
(c) They have no choice but to pay the 700 lira that Bowles demands.
(d) They do not know they are being blackmailed.

14. What is Mannfeldt?
(a) A book by Kant.
(b) A city in Germany.
(c) A ship in the harbor of the island.
(d) An armament firm of Germany.

15. What does Pascali see as he's walking home through the market?
(a) Bowles talking with three strangers.
(b) Three strangers buying fruit.
(c) Lydia and Bowles talking with a stranger.
(d) Lydia talking with three strangers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pascali learn about the phrase "terra rossa"?

2. Why does Bowles want a few more days at the site?

3. When Pascali tells Bowles Pasha wants to kill Bowles, what is Bowles' response?

4. What does Pascali decide to do?

5. How does Pascali see Bowles?

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