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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what does Pascali write to the Sultan in this section?
(a) Of Pascali's desier to return to Istanbul.
(b) Of the death of Bowles and his party to the Sultan in his report.
(c) That he is no longer going to be writing any reports.
(d) Of Pascali's desire to retire.

2. What shocking news does Bowles give Pascali?
(a) That the Sultan is on his way to being deposed.
(b) That the Sultan is dead.
(c) That Germany has occupied Constantinople.
(d) That Lydia is actually a German government agent.

3. Why do Pascali and Bowles meet with Izzet at the hotel?
(a) To discuss the seven hundred liras payment.
(b) So they cannot be secretly killed at Pasha's house.
(c) For public witnesses.
(d) Because they have a great buffet.

4. What view of the world do Bowles and Pascali have in common?
(a) That the world does not care who it deceives as long as they have money.
(b) To take care of number one first.
(c) That everyone has a price.
(d) One of the idea of parallels and symbolism.

5. Of what is Pascali now convinced?
(a) That he will get his money finally.
(b) That Izzet likes the way Pascali works.
(c) That Pasha is not the person to fear.
(d) That he is about to die.

6. Who is Pasha deceiving?
(a) The empire.
(b) Bowles.
(c) Pascali.
(d) The English.

7. What does Hogan think "terra rossa" means?
(a) Red earth.
(b) The red planet Mars.
(c) Terracotta, a type of pottery.
(d) He has no idea.

8. What does Pascali wonder about Pasha?
(a) Why he has scared Izzet.
(b) If he has always been so fat.
(c) What he hasn't acted against Bowles and Pascali yet.
(d) Why he is still alive after all his manipulations.

9. Why does Pascali want to leave the island?
(a) To get away from the unrequited love of Lydia.
(b) To go to a cooler climate.
(c) To save his life.
(d) To make his way to Constantinople to find his previous reports.

10. Why are Pasha and Izzet caught in a must-pay situation?
(a) They do not have to pay; they know the authorities will believe them over Bowles.
(b) Because Bowles has kidnapped a child of each of them and holds the child against payment.
(c) They know Bowles has the contacts to have them killed.
(d) Not to pay would mean involvement by authorities which would betray their secret.

11. What does Pascali find Bowles doing at the excavation site?
(a) Sleeping.
(b) Unearthing a bronze statue.
(c) Burying the gold bracelet.
(d) Smashing many artifacts.

12. How much does Izzet then offer?
(a) Nothing.
(b) 600 lira, 50 of which will pay Bowles for his time already spent.
(c) 700 liras, which is what Bowles initially asks for.
(d) 800 liras.

13. What does Pascali take from Bowles' room?
(a) A plate of olives.
(b) Bowles' journal.
(c) Nothing.
(d) A gold ring from the excavation site.

14. What does Bowles' notebook indicate?
(a) That Bowles is cousin to the Sultan.
(b) That Bowles works for German SSI.
(c) That Bowles actually is a geologist.
(d) Bowles has completed this same scheme that he is running on Pasha in numerous areas around Asia Minor for many months.

15. What does Pascali insist to Bowles about the church service?
(a) That they were going to kill Pascali.
(b) That the priest is in on the conspiracy to kill Bowles.
(c) Pascali is unwilling to answer Bowles's questions.
(d) That the Saint was hexed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hogan's wife give Pascali?

2. Who is Bowles supposed to meet with at the opening of this section?

3. What does Pascali find when he returns home?

4. Where does the person go who Pascali is following?

5. Who does Pascali meet in the hotel lobby?

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