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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pascali see about the papers on the desk?
(a) He finds a reference from a Germany company, Mannfeldt, and a map marked in red that includes the area Bowles is researching with the words "terra rossa."
(b) A bank draft from the Ottoman National Bank.
(c) Two letters addressed to Bowles.
(d) There is a letter from the Sultan.

2. Where do Pascali and Marchant go?
(a) To the mainland.
(b) To the Sanctuary of Artemis.
(c) To the church to witness the festival.
(d) To Pascali's apartment.

3. What does Bowles believe Germany should do?
(a) Declare their stance on minorities before developing trade.
(b) Shoot the Kaiser.
(c) Stop being the aggressors in the Balkans.
(d) Keep their treaty with the Sultan.

4. Who does Pascali follow?
(a) Lydia and Bowles.
(b) Smith and Lydia.
(c) Lydia and Izzet.
(d) No one.

5. Who is uneasy in Lydia's world?
(a) Pascali and Smith.
(b) Bowles and Izzet.
(c) Pascali and Izzet.
(d) Pascali and Bowles.

6. Of what does Izzet warn Pascali?
(a) That Bowles will be arrested if he violates any of the contract.
(b) That Pascali must supervise Bowles's access.
(c) That the contract will not be in force until they receive the rest of the money.
(d) That Pascali will be held personally responsible for the remaining money owed to Pasha.

7. What does Lydia notice that delights Pascali?
(a) That he is looking fit.
(b) That his haircut is handsome.
(c) That his new suit is becoming.
(d) That he is losing weight.

8. Of what does Pascali become painfully aware?
(a) That Lydia is no longer interested in Pascali.
(b) That Lydia has many suitors.
(c) That Pascali no longer is in the loop for information.
(d) That Bowles has stirred her desire.

9. Who has recently arrived by boat to the island?
(a) Esmeralda Von Trece.
(b) Anthony Bowles.
(c) The Sultan.
(d) No one has arrived to this God forsaken place in months.

10. Who is Herr Gesing?
(a) The heir to the German beer manufacturer.
(b) The cousin to the Sultan through marriage.
(c) A former Nazi.
(d) A German commercial agent.

11. Who seems surprised at the number of objects within the room?
(a) Bowles.
(b) Mahmoud.
(c) Smith.
(d) Izzet.

12. What does Pascali think about the things Lydia does at the dinner table?
(a) It's full of faux paus.
(b) That it is immaculately well mannered.
(c) It's all to impress Bowles.
(d) That she is erratically inept.

13. How does a lack of the true effects of lighting cause Lydia's painting to look according to Pascali?
(a) It makes landscapes seem nearly like hallucinations.
(b) It distorts perspective.
(c) It gives a pastoral glow to the painting that is unreal.
(d) It causes unnatural shadows.

14. What does Bowles claim to Pasha that he has found?
(a) A letter indicating that someone else owns the land Bowles is leasing.
(b) Objects of great historical and monetary value at the site.
(c) An artifact that is from WWI that proves the Germans did occupy this island.
(d) Numerous human bones.

15. What is the current environment on the island like?
(a) Laidback and peaceful.
(b) One of spy activities, broken loyalties, and fears of invasion.
(c) Open for new business enterprises.
(d) Optimistic.

Short Answer Questions

1. When hearing about the Sultan's fears, how does Pascali feel?

2. What does Pascali observe Bowles doing?

3. According to Lydia, what does the Sultan constantly fear?

4. What is Bowles' reply to Pascali?

5. Why is Pascali perturbed when he delivers the contract to Bowles?

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