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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the expensive objects in Pasha's home dismay Pascali?
(a) Because many are fake duplicates.
(b) Because they are ostentatious.
(c) Because Pascali will never have the like.
(d) Because the objects have been obtained through suffering and extortion.

2. To whom is Pascali writing?
(a) His eldest daughter.
(b) His wife.
(c) The Sultan in Constantinople.
(d) The Pope.

3. What is Pascali's purpose on the island?
(a) To monitor the flow of ideas on the island.
(b) To assassinate the current prime minister.
(c) To incite the local population to rebel against Germany.
(d) To set up a puppet government in favor of the Turks.

4. Of what is Pascali now convinced?
(a) That the volcano is definitely about to spew.
(b) That he is about to become very wealthy.
(c) That the newcomer is his half brother he's never met.
(d) That the villagers know of his spy activities.

5. To what does Pascali compare the sea?
(a) To the depths of one's mind that cannot by plumbed.
(b) To the violence of an assassination.
(c) To the waves of fortune.
(d) To humans, tormented and violent.

6. How long has Pascali been a paid informer?
(a) Nearly 20 years.
(b) Almost 13 years.
(c) A year and a half.
(d) Ten years.

7. What does Bowles say about any nation who puts self-interest before morality?
(a) That it is the nature of humans to do so.
(b) That it is headed for disaster.
(c) That it is smart.
(d) That it deserves what it gets.

8. Of what is the Ottoman empire comprised?
(a) Many disparate but loyal groups.
(b) Of multiple races, creed, and languages that have united under the Ottoman State.
(c) Mostly Arab nations.
(d) An fairly homogenous group of peoples.

9. Who said that motion its self is an illusion.
(a) Pascali.
(b) Parmenides.
(c) Socrates.
(d) Bowles.

10. What does Pascali think is the reason for Bowles' action?
(a) To get rid of evidence of his gluttony.
(b) To have a bit of sport for the afternoon.
(c) To search out a good spot for enemy landings.
(d) To make Pascali jealous.

11. To what does he admit concerning the Turks and Greeks?
(a) Consorting with both equally.
(b) Trying to maintain peace between the two.
(c) Trying to set one against the other.
(d) Disliking both groups.

12. How has Pascali betrayed himself as a spy unintentionally?
(a) He does not know how.
(b) Through his multiple attempts to gain information.
(c) By his copious letters to the Sultan.
(d) Through his coded advertisements on the town board.

13. What does Pascali think he has found?
(a) A way to break free of the island.
(b) A way to earn a huge sum of money.
(c) A way to get Bowles off the island immediately.
(d) A way to gain Lydia's love.

14. What two people does Pascali notice out of the window at Pasha's office who seem to be arguing.
(a) Herr Gesing and Lydia.
(b) Pasha and Herr Gesing.
(c) Pasha and Lydia.
(d) Smith and Lydia.

15. What could deaths on the island do?
(a) Turn off trade.
(b) Increase local unrest.
(c) Benefit someone as a bargaining tool or negotiation point.
(d) Bring in the Americans.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does a soldier point a rifle at Bowles?

2. What does Bowles believe Germany should do?

3. Whose name is spoken softly to Pasha?

4. In what areas of Pascali's life is he capable of going both ways (utriusque capex)?

5. What is the overarching emotion that the newcomer exudes?

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