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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Pascali decide to seek out Lydia?
(a) To seek information, as well as a meal.
(b) To see if Bowles is with her.
(c) To ask her to marry him.
(d) To see if she will undertake a spy mission for the Sultan.

2. Why does Bowles need translation services?
(a) To ask for permission to build a horse arena.
(b) To convince local authorities to give him an access lease to the grounds where the Sanctuary of Artemis is located.
(c) To convince Lydia to marry him.
(d) To ask for a building permit.

3. What does Pascali believe about harmony.
(a) That it works in music but not politics.
(b) That it is unobtainable.
(c) That only the dead understand harmony.
(d) That it cannot be attained without discord.

4. Of what is Pascali's observation about Hassan a symbol?
(a) For how he must throw his reports into the waters of the Sultan's eyes.
(b) Of how intention does not ensure success.
(c) For the type of detail he must avoid giving in his reports.
(d) For how the offspring is an improvement from the former generation.

5. What does Bowles say when asked by Izzet if he has the contract with him?
(a) He says no.
(b) He says that the contract and receipt are in a safe deposit with instructions to send them to the British Consul in the event of his death.
(c) He says he has sent it to England.
(d) He says yes but that they cannot have it.

6. What does Bowles believe Germany should do?
(a) Stop being the aggressors in the Balkans.
(b) Shoot the Kaiser.
(c) Declare their stance on minorities before developing trade.
(d) Keep their treaty with the Sultan.

7. What happens to the statue in the church on festival day?
(a) It starts talking.
(b) Statue suddenly falls forward, striking the concrete and beheading itself.
(c) It comes alive and starts healing people.
(d) It is stolen.

8. How long has Pascali been a paid informer?
(a) A year and a half.
(b) Nearly 20 years.
(c) Almost 13 years.
(d) Ten years.

9. What does Pascali believe about humankind?
(a) That humankind is neither kind nor human.
(b) That humankind prefers to be kind rather than cruel.
(c) That humankind is always wavering on the edge of oblivion.
(d) That humankind prefers destruction to balance.

10. What does Pascali think when he sees what is happening on the shoreline?
(a) That Bowles and Lydia are definitely together.
(b) That the gulls are merely imitating humankind.
(c) That Smith is probably unloading guns.
(d) That all around him, the world is preparing for violence.

11. Why won't Russia, Britain, and France take action against the Ottoman empire?
(a) None will take action due to their need for trade alliances.
(b) They cannot ally themselves with each other.
(c) They are too badly outclassed militarily.
(d) They do not believe the reports about the Armenians.

12. Why does Pascali need new glasses?
(a) His are broken.
(b) His are old.
(c) His are badly scratched.
(d) He doesn't like the frame style.

13. By whom is Pasha's offer of friendship interrupted?
(a) The mayor.
(b) A servant.
(c) The local constable.
(d) A rebel leader brought in in handcuffs.

14. What two people does Pascali notice out of the window at Pasha's office who seem to be arguing.
(a) Pasha and Herr Gesing.
(b) Herr Gesing and Lydia.
(c) Smith and Lydia.
(d) Pasha and Lydia.

15. What do Lydia and Pascali talk about concerning the boats?
(a) The manufacturing of so many new boats.
(b) The way the boats seem to be changing hands.
(c) The boats' boarding by the garrison.
(d) The sinking of two boats this week.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pascali think is the reason for Bowles' action?

2. Who is Izzet?

3. What does Pascali say the Sultan needs?

4. What is the Sanctuary of Artemis?

5. What does Pascali note about the fisherman Hassan?

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