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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who suddenly calls from the next room?
(a) Izzet.
(b) Smith.
(c) Bowles.
(d) Mahmoud.

2. What is Pascali's purpose on the island?
(a) To assassinate the current prime minister.
(b) To incite the local population to rebel against Germany.
(c) To set up a puppet government in favor of the Turks.
(d) To monitor the flow of ideas on the island.

3. What does Pascali believe about the information he gives Bowles in their conversation?
(a) That Bowles does not really understand the situation.
(b) Pascali believes he is not giving Bowles new information, but simply confirming information.
(c) That Bowles is with the rebels.
(d) That Pascali has convinced Bowles to rethink his options.

4. How does Pascali think the unity of the Ottoman Empire can be maintained?
(a) Through religious conversion.
(b) Unity can only be maintained through non-mobility.
(c) Through granting independence to rebellious nations.
(d) Through a heavy military presence in all the countries that make up the Empire.

5. To what predicament do Pascali's thoughts return?
(a) His love for Lydia not being returned.
(b) That of his being a spy.
(c) His need to successfully convince Izzet to lease the grounds to Bowles.
(d) His need for more money.

6. How has Pascali betrayed himself as a spy unintentionally?
(a) By his copious letters to the Sultan.
(b) He does not know how.
(c) Through his multiple attempts to gain information.
(d) Through his coded advertisements on the town board.

7. What does Pascali say he does to his stories?
(a) Fabricates them entirely.
(b) Embellishes them.
(c) Gives as little detail as possible.
(d) Writes them exactly as they happen.

8. What is the current environment on the island like?
(a) Optimistic.
(b) One of spy activities, broken loyalties, and fears of invasion.
(c) Open for new business enterprises.
(d) Laidback and peaceful.

9. How long has Pascali been a paid informer?
(a) Ten years.
(b) Nearly 20 years.
(c) A year and a half.
(d) Almost 13 years.

10. How does Pascali portray Bowles?
(a) As a naive Englishman.
(b) As a world-renowned archeologist.
(c) As a wealthy German.
(d) As a possible spy.

11. Of what does Izzet warn Pascali?
(a) That Pascali will be held personally responsible for the remaining money owed to Pasha.
(b) That Bowles will be arrested if he violates any of the contract.
(c) That the contract will not be in force until they receive the rest of the money.
(d) That Pascali must supervise Bowles's access.

12. What is Bowles' reply to Pascali?
(a) He wouldn't dream of using power equipment at such a sacred site.
(b) He does not plan to dig.
(c) He hopes to have a museum at the site eventually and not take anything away.
(d) He is not going to have but one other person helping him.

13. What does Pascali think about the things Lydia does at the dinner table?
(a) It's full of faux paus.
(b) It's all to impress Bowles.
(c) That it is immaculately well mannered.
(d) That she is erratically inept.

14. What does Lydia notice that delights Pascali?
(a) That he is losing weight.
(b) That he is looking fit.
(c) That his haircut is handsome.
(d) That his new suit is becoming.

15. What does Herr Gesing believe about British trade?
(a) That they have blundered their way into wealth.
(b) That Britain only opposes politics when it is harming their trade.
(c) That they only rival the Americans.
(d) That they are less inept than the Turks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What could deaths on the island do?

2. Who seems surprised at the number of objects within the room?

3. Of what is the Ottoman empire comprised?

4. Whose name is spoken softly to Pasha?

5. What does Pascali see on the shore line as he passes by?

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