Pascali's Island Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. If you were receiving Pascali's spy reports, how would you treat them?

Pascali has written two hundred and fifty nine previous reports that have not been acknowledged. He admits in his letter to being verbose, and possibly too descriptive, but notes his desire to include every possible detail. He even admits to embellishing the stories over the years, and compares his position in the eyes of the Sultan to a fly trapped in the hairs of his arm. I might have read the first one or two reports, but eventually unless I wanted entertainment, I probably would have tossed them in the trash or filed them.

2. Give a brief analysis of the character of Pascali.

Pascali is clearly defined as a spy for the administration of the Ottoman Empire, and his character is developed as he writes his report to the Sultan. Pascali is a heavy man, devoted to his position and quite detailed in his analysis of each piece of the island. However, readers also begin to see Pascali, through his own admittance of false reporting, scavenging for food, and constant references to his poverty, as a manipulative man whose profession fits his disposition. Although clearly intelligent, Pascali is cunning in his planning and is now terrified that his neighbors know of his activities.

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