Pascali's Island Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Basil Pascali - This character is a paid informant of the Ottoman Empire, and has been living on a small Greek island for twenty years, reporting to the Sultan in Constantinople the activities of the residents.

Anthony Bowles - A self-proclaimed amateur archeologist, this character has come to the island under the pretense of research.

Lydia Neuman and Pasha - Spanish in origin, but of Jewish extraction, this character's family now lives in France. Coming from a wealthy family, this character is a painter, and the love interest of Pascali.

This character is the local authority on the Greek island.

Izzet - The land agent of Pasha, this character is a small, vigilant man, prone to excitability and emotion.

Herr Gesing - This character is a German commercial agent residing at least temporarily on the island.

Doctor Hogan - Perhaps the only genuine character in the novel...

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