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Section 1

• Basil Pascali is writing a report to the Sultan in Constantinople in July, 1908, about a small Greek island.

• He questions why his two hundred and fifty nine previous reports have not been acknowledged.

• Pascali believes his spy activities have been discovered and his death is imminent.

• Pascali spies a newcomer and follows and observes the man, who turns out to be Anthony Bowles.

• Pascali includes insignificant details in his report to demonstrate his poverty and need.
• Lies and deceit begin right from the start between Pascali and Bowles and perhaps Lydia.

• The themes of deceit, politics and duality are all woven throughout this first chapter.

• Pascali and Bowles are having drinks at the hotel and Lydia Neuman joins them.

• As Lydia and Bowles seem to hit it off, stimulating Pascali's jealousy, he sneaks into Bowles' room and examines the contents.

Section 2

• Lydia, Pascali and Bowles are joined...

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